In the second online healing class you come in touch with how to stay open in this present moment. Instead of having an answer or a solution to every situation, you recognize that if you step back the answer will come, or the solution will come. The paradox then is that by staying uncertain you rely on What knows. Only Truth is true, nothing else is true. What is true needs no defense and is the only Constant.

As a human being you never totally know what to do. You choose something, and you might defend your choice, but that is where your pain starts. You adjust yourself to you own choices even though you are not certain what you do.

Spirit guidance or staying open to what is given in the present moment is entirely different. It is effortless, easy, needs no defense and works for everyone involved. Actually you get a direct confirmation that it works by the feeling of connected-ness and fulfillment. Indeed it is again connected to your experience.

Listen in this video to the class in it’s entirety. Thank you