It really doesn’t make any difference who speaks the word of truth or who writes the word of truth as long as the individual who writes it or speaks it has attained some measure of that mind that was in Christ Jesus. Also, this accounts for the fact that a great deal of truth is spoken from platforms without any signs following. It is also a fact that there are many truth books and the reading and the studying of them brings forth “no signs following.” Why? These did not emanate from a consciousness that had been built of the Spirit; they had emanated only from a consciousness that had read or heard and then written down or spoken, and this is not power. There is no spiritual power coming from the mouth of an individual or the pen of an individual regardless of how beautiful and correct the words may be except that they flow out from the developed spiritual consciousness, the consciousness that has been built by truth, by God until it is no longer the thinking, reasoning mind; until it has become the source and flow of inspiration.

I can say that to you here in this particular temple because I know that you always hear that word from this platform and you know enough to know that you are receiving the spiritual word from spiritual consciousness. That is why you have signs following. And I tell you this only so that when you think that you are failing or you think that you are not getting the results that you think you should be getting from your study of truth, be patient. You are not going to get the results from your own efforts except in proportion as your inner consciousness is developed. And that is why all that we do with our studies and practice is develop our consciousness. Every sermon, every lesson we receive, every hour devoted to the study of true spiritual literature, every hour in the company of the spiritually illumined is the building of our individual consciousness.

Now this is a reason that metaphysical students often defeat their own ends. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of hearing young students talk about, “Oh disease isn’t real, or oh pain isn’t real, or oh there are no accidents in divine mind.” And I wonder if you ever feel about those things as I do. I don’t feel pleasantly about it. You see, in the three dimensional world, in the world of only mind, disease has power. Pain has power. Accidents have power. Sin has power. I don’t even know that an ostrich would put their head in the ground and hide from that fact. In the three dimensional world evil is rampant, and that is why we have turned from that three dimensional world…All of us seeking the kingdom in which disease isn’t real and sin isn’t real and accidents have no reality and so forth.

In the presence of the illumined consciousness of Jesus Christ, paralysis had no power nor had blindness. He could say to the paralyzed man, “What did hinder you?  Pick up your bed and walk.” And the man could do it. We could memorize that statement and say it to the next paralyzed man we meet and see if it works.

The Master said to the blind: “Open your eyes,” and they did. Well now we could memorize that statement and walk out and say to the blind, “Open your eyes,” and let’s see what happens. The difference is this. The Master wasn’t speaking through a three dimensional consciousness, a material consciousness that believed in two powers. He had attained the fourth dimensional consciousness which is the realization of God or Spirit as the only power. In proportion as we attain that, we heal the sick. And be assured of this, whatever work we do as practitioners or teachers in the realm of healing or the forgiving of sin or the increasing of supply is done only in proportion as we attain a consciousness that has no fear of sin, disease, death, lack or limitation.

There is no such thing as a very successful spiritual practitioner who hasn’t arrived at the understanding of Paul’s statement: “Neither life nor death shall separate me from the love of God,” and therefore I don’t much care whether I’m living or dead. Living or dead, I am embodied in the love of God. I cannot be separated from the love of God, but the love of God includes the life of God. The life of God includes the grace of God. The grace of God includes the Spirit of God. Therefore, neither life nor death can separate me from life. Neither life nor death can separate me from the infinite abundance of love and of supply and of harmony and of peace and of joy. Neither life nor death can take my joy from me because it cannot separate me from the love of God.

When you come in the presence of a practitioner or a teacher who has realized this, healings must take place, because the only thing that prevents healing is the fear of death or the fear of disease or the condemnation of sin. No spiritual practitioner can heal who condemns sinners or judges them or criticizes them or has any other attitude than: “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.”

In other words, the fourth dimensional consciousness is a consciousness of purity and it recognizes neither good nor evil but only the spiritual nature of God appearing as individual man and woman. Now, the question arises how do we attain this consciousness? How do we build this consciousness? And of course this can only be done by following scripture, and it can only be done under God’s grace. It is not something that we can do of ourselves, unless we are continually submitting ourselves to God, the building of this fourth dimensional or spiritual consciousness cannot take place.

Now in submitting ourselves to God a very wonderful thing takes place. I hope that I can explain it to you in some way that will actually bring to you the experience. Yes, this illustration comes, not a good one, but let’s try it. A little child does something or other that it shouldn’t, and then it goes to its mother and tells a little falsehood about it. Do you think for a moment the mother is fooled? The mother sees right through that child. It can see something in its eye. It can see something in the twist of its lip. It can see something in the way it evades looking her in the eye. The mother knows the child is fibbing. I doubt that very many small children get away with anything on their mothers. Mothers are kind of wise in that respect—at least those I’ve met.

Now for a minute think of going to God and trying to fool God. Try for just a minute to think of closing your eyes and saying, “Oh God I love you supremely.” Try to get away with that. So you see that true prayer when you reach the stage that you really are seeking God’s grace, true prayer is not any word that you speak up to God. It is really a closing of the eyes and an inviting God: “Search me God. Search my heart. Search my consciousness and if you find anything wrong, correct it. I don’t care whether you reveal it to me or not, but correct it.” You see, I am not making any promises to God of being good. I’m not pretending to God that I’m some kind of an angel. I’m going to acknowledge to God that in my human way I have lots of faults, but that none of these interfere with the main theme of my life: I must know God aright. I must know God aright. I cannot, I cannot finish this life without knowing God aright, because I cannot finish this life without fulfilling whatever purpose God had for me in the beginning.