1962 Glendale Open Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

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Dr. Holman, in the introduction referred to the truth that we are building a temple. We are building a house which is really our consciousness. We are building our consciousness and although Dr. Holman didn’t know it, that is the essence of what I want to say to you tonight. And I want to start off by saying that students often become impatient. Also, they become frustrated when knowing the truth they do not get the results that they have every right to expect or believe that they have every right to expect. 

If the truth in the truth textbooks really were truth, we would all get the same results whether we use those truths the first month of our study or the last month of our study. But the words in books are never truth. The only truth there is, is your consciousness and the truth in books helps to build that consciousness. Every truth that we accept in consciousness –whether we read it in a book, whether we hear it from a platform—every word of truth, every statement of truth is a thread of truth, and when sufficient of these threads have entered our consciousness,  they form a whole new consciousness. This is the fourth dimensional consciousness. We were born into a three dimensional consciousness as human beings and the only faculties and capacities we have are the five physical senses and the power of reason. And all of this applies to the human world. None of this applies in any way to the spiritual kingdom.

“My kingdom,” says the Master, “is not of this world.” My consciousness is not the consciousness of the three dimensional man. And Paul goes much further in this and says, “The natural man receiveth not the things of God. The natural man is not under the law of God neither indeed can be.”

One of the great mysteries of the religious world has been for centuries why is it that you can pray and pray and pray and pray and get no results and hardly ever receive an answer to prayer. Why is this? And it hasn’t been known. It is known now. No prayer that is uttered through the mind ever reaches the kingdom of God. That is why true prayer, when you’re advanced into the fourth dimensional consciousness, true prayer requires no words and no thoughts. The highest form of prayer is silence. The reason we will come to soon, but just let me start with this: that the natural man receiveth not the things of God. The natural man is not under the law of God and neither indeed can be—regardless of how much praying he does; regardless of how much sacrificing he may do; or how much tithing he may do. The natural man cannot bring himself under the law of God. The natural man does not receive the spiritual impartations.

When spiritual impartations begin to come to an individual, it is because their soul faculties have been opened, or their spiritual consciousness or fourth dimensional consciousness has been developed.  Before that time they can read books. They can read statements of truth. They can hear statements of truth and yet they have no contact with their Source. Once however, the spiritual centers are opened, we are then in the position described by the Master: branches of the tree, at one with the vine bearing fruit richly

The very moment we begin to receive these impartations in words or pictures or thoughts or feelings, the moment we start receiving them from within—not manufactured up in the head, but actually received, you might say through the still small voice; we are then at one—even if only in a measure—we are then at one with our Source, the kingdom of God which is within us, and it begins imparting itself to us. And of course you know when he utters His voice, the earth melteth. The very moment that you receive an impartation from within—whether it thunders into the silence or whether it comes as a very gentle whisper, or if it is only a feeling, you can be assured that some part of this mundane earth is going to yield. Some problem is going to be broken or dissolved. Some discord, inharmony is going to be removed from your experience and in its place will come some grace from My kingdom.

Remember always, My kingdom is not of this world. Therefore, the blessing that you receive is the blessing of my kingdom. It’s a spiritual blessing and you have no way of knowing what form it will take in this earthly experience. One thing is certain. It will come as a gift of God.

Again, the Master says, “My peace give I unto you—not as the world giveth.” Now you see, in this three dimensional consciousness, the material state of consciousness, the only kind of peace we could know would be some additional health, additional supply, a little more happiness in some form. Ah but my peace isn’t that at all. My peace is not of this world. My peace is something that the human mind couldn’t grasp. That is why as long as we have only the human mind, we never receive it. It is only when we attain that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, some measure of it. Probably none of us will receive the fullness of that mind that was in Christ Jesus, but in the measure that we receive that mind that was in Christ Jesus, in that measure do we receive My peace, spiritual peace. In that measure do we begin to enjoy My kingdom, My realm, My blessings, My grace, the spiritual grace of God, the blessings that only God can bestow. It is folly to try to ask what form will they take. Every individual will find them taking the form necessary to their experience at the moment. 

Moses needed just the right word at the right time when he was speaking to Pharaoh and the spiritual kingdom spoke through him with just the message needed to influence Pharaoh. Later Pharaoh was between Pharaoh’s army, I mean Moses was between Pharaoh’s army and the Red Sea. And Moses needed the grace of God. Moses needed that still small voice, and it appeared: as a light, a fire by night, as a cloud by day. It appeared as protection, because that was the form Moses needed at that time. Later it appeared as manna falling from the sky. You see, it wasn’t manna. It wasn’t light, it wasn’t a cloud. It was the grace of God, the still small voice appearing outwardly as the form necessary.

When Elijah was driven into the wilderness, he needed food. And one day it appeared as a raven bringing food, another day as a poor widow sharing with him. Another day he needed realization, revelation, assurance, and the voice spoke to him and told him, that the Spirit had saved out 7000 of those who had not bowed their knees to Baal, and then directed him where to go to find those who were waiting for his message. This is the way the Spirit functions.

In more recent days seven men were protected in a rubber boat in the middle of the Pacific. And they were provided with fish from the sea without fishing lines. They were provided with fresh water from the sky when it wasn’t the rainy season. They were furnished protection for three weeks, I guess, until they were found and rescued. In other words, because there was one among them who knew how to pray without words, without thoughts, because there was one so attuned to the Spirit as to be able to sit this way in calm assurance, divine Grace found them, supplied them, protected them, and then finally brought about their rescue. This did not come to the six men in the boat except as an incident to them for which they were not responsible. It was only because of the presence of the seventh one—that man who was consciously attuned, who knew his relationship to the infinite source, whose spiritual awareness had been developed and so could receive the grace of God, the word of God. 

Then we on the spiritual path are building the temple. We are building the temple of our consciousness and we are building it with every word of truth that we take into our consciousness.