Connecting with the Secret Place of the most High. This is your opportunity to get in touch with what might stop you from entering into this Secret Place, where you are resisting the inevitable step of returning Home. In this class Wim invites you to listen carefully to the calling in you to experience the Kingdom within.

Excerpts used: lesson 200 from ACIM, lesson 7 from and meditation 17 of 40 days How to Heal meditations of Joel S. Goldsmith.

You dwell in the secret place of the most High.You don’t go there Sundays exclusively. You are there morning, noon, and night.
You dwell, you live in the secret place of the most High.
You live and move and have your being in God,
if you realize that you yourself are invisible.
(Joel S.Goldsmith)

excerpt from Meditation 17 “HOW TO HEAL” 40 day meditations

Lesson 200 ACIM: There is no Peace accept the peace of God PDF

Lesson 7 The Way Of Mastery PDF

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