Welcome to the 3rd Online Healing Class “How To Heal” . This time you are invited to relax. Relax your attention from the ‘world’, relax your attention from your ‘concerns’, relax your attention from your ‘relationships’. Sounds good, doesn’t it…!?!

In this class we use 2 meditations from the 40 days “How To Heal” meditations from Joel S. Goldsmith. Both full with forgiveness and making peace with your brother, this in order to come with wholly empty hands unto your Father or to the altar if you prefer. In the reading of A Course in Miracles lesson 96 we read how not to waste any more time on resolving senseless conflicts. In the Way of Mastery we discover that we are free to see in this moment that the separation never occurred and that awakening is but a recognition and not a change at all. Check out the class here and if you are looking for the texts that have been used check below the video for the resources. Enjoy!


Lesson 96 of A Course in Miracles PDF : Salvation comes from my One Self

Lesson 7 from The Way of Transformation

HOW TO HEAL : 40 Day Meditations