Meditation 28
Day 28: God Is Where You Are

The more you give yourself to contemplative meditation,
contemplative prayer,
the closer you bring yourself to conscious union with God.
In your contemplation of God and the things of God,
never make the mistake of turning to God
as if you were going to turn on God’s power.
Always remember it has been turned on right from the beginning.
And you’re not starting it in action.
You’re just bringing yourself in attunement with it.
It’s already functioning.

There are loads of people in this very city who are living in attunement with God.
And so, when you make your first attunement,
it will not be as if that’s the first time it happened.
It’s been happening right here to people right along.
But you had not been in attunement,
and now you are bringing yourself into an attunement of that which is.
God is.
God is where you are.
The kingdom of God is within you.
Now, through silent, inner contemplation,
bring yourself into attunement, at-one-ment with it.
And then the first thing you know,
it begins to flow through you.
It’s always there.
It’s locked up.
Make a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.

And the Bible tells us very clearly how we do it:
‘Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.’
“Acknowledge him in all thy ways,
and he will give thee rest.”
‘Pray without ceasing.’

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith