Somewhere in the writings, I’ve said that the day will ultimately come when all healings will be accomplished with just a smile, and they will; they will. The moment we rise that high in consciousness that we are able to accept God as a reality, just see how far we are from the realization of God, that even at our seemingly advanced state, or really our advanced state over the rest of the world, that not even we have actually accepted God as a reality. Not even we in this room have accepted God as a reality, because if we did, if we accepted God as a reality, we’d have no more concern over the stories that we read in the paper, or hear on the air, or that our patients tell us. No more concern about it than we would have if we were walking around the streets of Heaven. Do you see that? Do you follow that? Is that clear to you? That really and truly, our only error is the fact that we have not yet accepted God as a reality. We have not accepted God as the only Presence and the only Power. We are still thinking of God as something separate and apart from our own being, that we have not yet contacted, we have not yet brought into experience, and therefore, because of that, these errors still exist. Which errors? Well now, think them out for yourself.

If an error presents itself to us, and we are not able to respond in that sense of immediately perceiving the ridiculousness of the claim, then we have the battle that comes with treatment, with deep meditation, with all kinds of prayer and communion, until we arrive at that state of inner assurance—the click—the inner response that tells us God is on the field. Now, that is why provision is made in The Infinite Way writings for every state of consciousness, from the one that upon hearing of a discord immediately has to go to work to remind themselves of all that God is in order to find out whatever isn’t, and keep at that until they arrive at a place in consciousness where an inner response comes, and says, “this is my beloved Son” or “I am on the field,” something or other that gives us the assurance of well-being.

But actually, every one of us must attain some degree of Spiritual consciousness, the state of consciousness in which we do not react to the appearances of this world, until we do not react to the claims, or beliefs, or theories of this world. There are medical theories. There are theological theories. There are material laws. There are mental laws and mental beliefs, and our healing power is entirely in proportion to our reaction to those.

Now, this reaction takes place within you, and it is within you that every problem of human existence must be resolved. It is not taking place out in the world. You are not going to overcome something in the world, or destroy something, or remove something, or heal something, nor are you going to heal anyone. You are receiving this claim, or belief, or suggestion, or appearance within you, and it is within you that you resolve it. All right, when it has been resolved in you, then the affect of this appears in what we call the outer world. In other words, the Truth that you’ve arrived at in your consciousness now becomes the law under your patient, or student, or friend, or relative. Remember this, now, because this is an important point that any Truth, any Truth that is realized within you—and I don’t mean just spoken, or declared, or read out of a book—any Truth that is realized within you becomes the law unto your patient, your student, your friend, or your relative.

Now watch this. It doesn’t mean that any thought within you affects anyone in the outside world, because there is no such thing in this consciousness as the transference of thought. Therefore, there is no evil thinking that you can do that will harm another. There is no erroneous thinking that you can do that will harm another. There is no transference of evil from your thought to another. Now on the other hand, neither is there any transference of good thought. You can think all the good thoughts you want about people, but it won’t bless them any more than the usual statement of God bless you, or God be with you, or something like this, which you know is nothing more or less than a password, as we greet each other back and forth without any noticeable power.

There is no power in your good thinking about anyone. There is no power in your wrong thinking about anyone, but every realization of Truth within you becomes a law unto the life, and mind, and body, and often pocketbook of your patient, your student, the members of your family. Every realized Truth is an actual law. It is an activity of your consciousness that becomes a law unto your patient, but it isn’t your thought or your thinking. It is an activity of Truth within you. They receive the benefit, because they are the object of your work. They are the object of your prayer. They are the ones either who have brought themselves to you or whom you have taken into your consciousness for benefiting. And so everyone, whether it’s a person, a cat, a dog, a bird, or a plant, everything that comes within range of my consciousness is blessed in proportion to the realized Truth that’s there.

They’re not blessed by my good thoughts about them. They’re not cursed by my bad thoughts about them, but they are blessed in proportion to the activity of realized Truth within me. That is why at metaphysical lectures, and of course we all know this is very, very true at Christian Science lectures, that there are practically always healings that take place in the audience during the lectures, and yet the lecturer is never directing their thought at anybody. The lecturer is accepting that audience into his consciousness and any activity of Truth that may take place, any realized Truth that may take place in his consciousness during that lecture will heal. Not merely the words that he’s reciting from his lecture. That may have no effect, because mostly that’s just a lot of memorized words that have no power at all. But, there are not many on the lecture platform, especially in Christian Science, who haven’t a sufficiently developed Spiritual consciousness, so that at some time or other, there does flash into their consciousness a realized Truth, and when it does, some receptive soul in that audience receives a healing. I’ve received healings in that very way.

Now, remember this then that it is part of our experience to pray without ceasing, that is to maintain ourselves in a high level of spiritual activity for that very reason that at any moment some Truth may become a realized Truth. Some Truth may become a demonstrated Truth, and then those who are within range of our consciousness feel the benefit of it and receive the benefit of it.

When in treatment, therefore, or when in prayer, when in meditation, as you are listening for the still small Voice, as you are pondering that still small Voice, remember that any of these realizations that come to you have touched the experience of those who have reached out to your consciousness for help.

Now, we carry that a step further. As we come to this very important Principle of our work, take heed, this is from Matthew. “Take heed that you do not your alms before men, to be seen of them. Otherwise, you have no reward of your Father, which is in heaven. Therefore, when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward, but when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth that thine alms may be in secret, and thy Father, which seeth in secret, Himself, shall reward thee openly.”