Now, again we go back to the relative situation. In the relative, we are faced every single day of our lives, as practitioners, with infectious diseases, contagious diseases, with epidemics. We’re faced every single day with capital-labor troubles. We’re faced every single day with the threat of Russia, the threat of dictatorship, the threat of communism, the threat of atomic energy. And when we go into a sick room, we have only the armor of God. We do not have the world’s weapons. We cannot take a sword with us, because our teacher has told us, “Put up thy sword. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

And, so when we go into a sick room, we cannot go in with alcohol to keep our hands clean. We cannot go in with disinfectant to keep germs out. We cannot go in with medicines and surgery. We have to go in the way David went into Goliath, with a little pebble of nothingness. We have to go in with a stone carved out of the side of a mountain without hands. Spiritual power, which means no power. No power. The recognition that there is no power in effect. There is no power in temporal powers.

Don’t forget this. Many metaphysicians have made themselves look foolish going around saying to human beings that disease isn’t power, and accident isn’t power, and war isn’t power. You’re not supposed to use the language of Spirit, the language of spiritual discernment to those who have no awareness of what you’re talking about. Pilate asked Jesus “what is truth?” Don’t you think Jesus knew, but he didn’t answer. How can you explain to a Pilate that, “I am Truth?” And how do you think it’s going to sound to a doctor to have you say, “Oh, I don’t believe in the power of disease.” He’d be justified in saying, “let me take you down to my hospital or around to the cemetery.” And you’d have no answer, because, on his level of thought, he’s absolutely right.

You are supposed to have yourself clad in the armor of Spirit, which is the realization of Truth. Then, when you go into those things that are non-power spiritually, but are so frightening to man whose breathe is in his nostril, you just walk in there silently, not boastfully, not bragging. You walk in silently and secretly and say, “Let me pray.” Inwardly you’re saying, “I’m really not going to pray at all, but prayer is the language of the people outside.” And so you use that language. And when you sit there in the silence, you do pray, but your prayer would never be recognized by those around you, because your prayer is a “Thank you, Father, that I Am the only Power operating in this room. I Am the only Power functioning in this individual in their soul, or mind, or body. I, the Spirit of God, is the only Presence and the only Power, and beside me there is no other Presence, and there is no other Power.” And then having reminded yourself of that, you sit quietly, and you feel a transcendental Presence or Power.

Now, you can’t explain that to the man in the street. The man in the street probably thinks that your statements did the healing work, or something that you know with your mind, something you read in the book. You know right well that nothing that you ever learned in the book would ever heal anybody. You know better than that. You know that knowledge isn’t spiritual Power. You have to sit there having assured yourself of your basic Truth, mainly one Power. And that Power—the Power of cause—reminding your self of the non-power of anything that exists as effect. The non-power of anything that has form. The non-power of the creature. Shall I fear the creature more than I trust the Creator? Why should I fear the creature when I know the Creator? And so you have no fear of form, even if it is claimed to be leprosy. You have no fear of form, if it’s claimed to be blindness or deafness.

Your faith and your reliance is in the Invisible. And then you sit, and you wait, and you feel the Spirit within you. You feel a divine Presence. You feel a transcendental “Something” that you can never describe, something that is indefinable. And when you feel that the Spirit of God has moved, and then whatever it is that exists in the realm of—call it error—it dissolves. It disappears, and harmony is made evident.

Question: This has to do with what an Infinite Way student should do if they need help on a problem that he is not meeting himself, and I realize that we could write you but suppose it needs to be a quicker contact.

Answer: Well, there are those in our work capable of giving you help. Actually we do not list them. And the reason we do not list them mainly is that we do not have a system of practitioners, like they have in Christian Science, or Unity, or some of the New Thought movements that name themselves as professional practitioners, because the nature of our work is that healing should be brought about by our students, and they should be able to help those who call upon them and yet not set themselves up outside of their regular duties as practitioners.

Always remember that what we are trying to do, so far succeeding very well, is avoiding all organization, all authorization. We’re trying to present to the world a spiritual Principle of living and of healing and not ask that the world adopt us but that they adopt the Principle. Therefore, we do not want to set up any claims to being something separate and apart from anyone else. And that leaves you with just this: that somewhere in your community there is someone who can help you. And there is also someone whom you know who can lead you to that someone, if you cannot find them directly. There is always a way. And if there’s no other way, just ask the Father within. And although it seems like a strange question, He certainly will open the way for you to find that which you are seeking. We do have all over the countries where The Infinite Way operates; we do have those who can give you help.

Question: “Please talk of Soul, its nature and faculties, including the fact that Soul maintains the eternality of Being.”

Answer: No, no, let’s pass that one up, because that is something for the individual to have revealed within themselves. There you have another word, “Soul.” The true name of Soul is God. And that it has a shade of meaning individual to Itself is true. And that that word is perhaps one of the most important words in all mystical literature is true. But I have never known a person, a writing, I’ve never read one that could reveal the nature of Soul to anyone. Always the individual must have that from within himself. Other words differ. Mind. Law. Principle. Those can be understood with the use of a dictionary but not Soul and not Spirit. Those are two words that every individual must draw from within themselves.

Question: “Please voice to us that there is no substance in mental images, because they are not being thought by God.”

Answer: Isn’t that clear? Isn’t that clear that if you have a mental image in your thought that the moment you open your eyes the images go on. It can have no substance. What is it that has substance? What is it that endures forever? Laws of “like begetting like.” Deeds of love. The life that’s renewed year by year. A tree becomes barren in winter, renewed in spring, and fulfilled in summer. The life hasn’t died, just because some of its form has changed expression. The life is there to renew Itself, forever and forever. The only things that are immortal and eternal are the invisible things of Spirit, although each one of these is made tangible, evident in our experience in some form. But the form is never immortal as form. But the substance of it is always immortal. You see, what confuses is really this. I think this is what has more metaphysicians fooled than anything else.