Now, once you begin to see that Love has nothing to do with mankind, that man is just an instrument through which God’s Love operates, you also, eventually, come to see that that’s true of law. And you begin to see that there is no such thing as human law or material law. These are counterfeits, which we have invented, because we have lost our contact with our Source. But when you get to this stage of your spiritual path, you’ll begin to see why Scripture has called God, not only a Law, but the Law Giver. But if God is infinite, then God as Law Giver is infinite. Then there can’t be any law, unless it’s a Law of God. You can’t have the infinity of God as Law and then some other law but God, can you? Because you can’t have an infinite God and a law, for the only Law there is in this world has nothing to do with you or me, or nature, or matter. The only laws there are in this world has God flowing forth as Law, just as God flows forth as Love, just as God expresses Itself and flows forth as Life. So God expresses Itself and flows forth as Law.

Now, you’ll find in the Infinite Way writing that one of the first major Principles that ever was given to me that brought me out into this work was the word, “as.” Years and years ago, I saw that it was not true that there is God and man, or God and a universe, because that is twoness, that is duality, that is separation. The word should have been “as.” God appeared as Adam and Eve. God appeared as the Law of Love. God appeared as the Law of Creation. There is no God and a Law of Creation. God is the Law of Creation. God is the Life of man. And so that is why, after years of teaching and writing on the subject of God as, all of a sudden, it dawned that God “is.” And not only that God is but that Creation is. And so, when is it there, Don, about two years ago, year-and-a-half ago, that we’re sitting at the breakfast table and all of a sudden, the word, “is” came through. Is, and we knew what prayer was. You can’t pray for anything to happen. This universe already is. And God is the Substance of this universe. God is the Law of this universe.

Now if you want to pray, pray. Acknowledge. “Acknowledge Him in all thy ways. Lean not unto thine own understanding.” Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and He will give thee rest. That is prayer. You see that? Acknowledge God, and He will give thee rest. Now you know how to pray in order to get rest. Acknowledge Him. Ah, if you want help, do the same thing. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways. If you want law, if you want life, if you want love, if you want supply, acknowledge Him, and He will give it to you.

Now, the moment that you acknowledge God as infinite, you can no longer turn to God for something, for somebody. Your whole prayer becomes an acknowledgment of Him in all thy ways. Acknowledge God as the life of your being, and pretty soon you will begin to realize immortality. Acknowledge God as the love of your being, and pretty soon you will be experiencing love from all directions. Acknowledge God, not as something that can send you supply, acknowledge God as your supply, and pretty soon in feeling God, you’ll be feeling supply all around you, because God is supply. God does not send supply.

Now, God does not give supply. God is supply, and that brings you to another one of the great Principles that is in this work, and that is that you cannot demonstrate anything in life. You cannot go to God for a demonstration of supply, or for a demonstration of home, or for a demonstration of love, or for a demonstration of transportation, or for a demonstration of automobiles. That is only the human counterfeit of Spiritual activity and is only for those who have not realized God. They can use it as a substitute, just like mental power. There are people who can hypnotize. All they’re doing is exercising a mental power, which actually is a human counterfeit of a Divine activity—“Oneness.”

But, at this stage of our development, and this is a stage that all metaphysics is going through now. There is a change going on in the entire metaphysical world, and it won’t be many years before you’ll see all their books changed, as their magazines are changing now to bring out this point that no longer can you demonstrate an automobile, or twenty dollar gold pieces, or transportation, or a home, or companionship. You can’t demonstrate those.

There is now this realization. You can only demonstrate God. That’s all. You can only demonstrate a realization of God, the feel of God’s Presence, the awareness of God’s Presence. And, of course, that brings up a subject that I hope will be enlarged upon in class, and that is this. Never approach this work, unless you come with clean hands. Be very pure when you come to this work, because if you have a selfish motive or a selfish desire, it will wang back. That is why so much of this demonstrating dollars wangs back. Even if you get them, they turn around and become a curse. You can demonstrate companionship and get an awful bad wallop from it.

But if you demonstrate God alone, you are coming pure. You’re bringing your purity of consciousness and out of it will come purity. Then, you will find that you will not suffer reaction. You won’t say, “I got my companionship, and look what it did to me. Or, “I got the money, and now what am I going to do with it?” Or, “I got a home, and now it’s a lemon.” No. When you come to this work, you must come with spiritual integrity. I’m not talking now about human honesty or human goodness. The spiritual integrity that says, “all I want is to feel God, to realize God. All I want is to know God, to know Him aright is life eternal.”

Well, who wants to die? Who wants to be poor? Who wants to be out of line with the harmony of God? And there’s only one way to be in accord with the harmony of God. To know him aright is life eternal. Why? To know God, all things are added unto us. Actually, they’re not added; they’re included. Once you feel the presence of God, you soon find that no longer do you have to take thought for what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, or wherewithal ye shall be clothed, or how you’ll be housed. The things flow automatically. But therein is the secret. You have to come to this with a pure heart. You have to come without a selfish motive. You have to come, and that is your praying for, not praying for friends and relatives alone, because that would be impure. That would be selfish.

But when you come and say, “ah, all I want is to realize that God is the Soul of this universe,” you have included your friends and your relatives. And if you want, you can take them specifically into your consciousness. Only be sure that at the same time, you are realizing that anybody, anywhere in the globe that is at all receptive is likewise receiving the benefit of this prayer. That is why, very often, what the world calls sinners have some strange experiences. Sometimes, a person may be under some claim of what the world calls sin or disease, and in a moment, they experience something that they know nothing about, but all of a sudden, their false desires are gone or their disease is gone. And they wonder what happened.

And the answer is that somewhere, someone prayed. Ah, but they prayed truly. They prayed a universal prayer of God’s Allness. And anyone who, somewhere in the background, no matter what they may have been doing out here in this world, somewhere in the background, they were saying, “oh, isn’t there a God? Can I reach God? Isn’t there something that would free me from this sin or disease, whatever it may be, imprisonment, or other enslavement of the senses?” And inwardly, all unseen to the world, they were saying, “oh, isn’t there something? Isn’t there a power that could rescue me? Isn’t there something?”