Now, in these last few years, the little success that I’ve had gives me no answer, because I still don’t know what it was that healed any more than I know about any other case. Because my healing work has been on the same basis as it always has been, and so I don’t know now. I still have no answer to that problem.

But many years ago, in one of my meditations, I had a revelation that most physical disease is caused by improper foods, malnutrition, and so forth. And when that came to me, it came as a shock, because certainly in the United States we’re supposed to be the best fed people in the world. And then it was that I discovered after that, that that’s not true. We are not the best-fed people in the world for the simple reason that more than half of the food we eat has no food value.

Now many years ago, it was proven to us that nothing that is made from flour has food value. That every flour product is nothing but clay. It’s made from the husk of the wheat, not from the kernel. And every bit of life is gone out of it, and then on top of it is added the poisonous preservative. So that anybody in this country who eats bread, cakes, pies, hotcakes, biscuits, donuts, they’re just putting into their stomach lumps of dough that fills up space but leaves them just as hungry as they were, because a half hour later, they want more to eat. As soon as that lump has gone down, they’re hungry again, because all the lump did was fill that space. It did not feed the body. And so you can find in this country children in school suffering from malnutrition. Children are eating a loaf of bread a day.

Now, a couple of months ago, nobody has brought suit against the magazine yet that we’ve heard. It is published that there isn’t a dry cereal made in this country that has any food value in it. That it too is nothing but lumps of clay going into the system, with poisonous preservative in it. And the only food is what little vitamins they pump into it for advertising. Certainly not enough to feed the body, nor would they have to put vitamins in it, if it had food value. So that there is a branch of materia medica today, which is working from the standpoint of foods, and they are healing a lot of disease. Merely by taking people off of flour products and substituting the flour products that come from health food stores and vitamins to make up what they should be having.

Now we learn that there is a doctor experimenting with vitamins on what? These baby cases? [Mongoloid, a woman from the audience says.] Mongoloid babies and having success. And here, that’s one of the things that karma has been blamed for. [Comments from two ladies in the audience] So, here you have it. That what has been called karma, or maybe they committed suicide in the last incarnation, or something like that, now they’re fixing up with vitamins. Now we don’t know how far that’s going to go, but I have a good conviction that it’s going to go far, because I’m still convinced that most of the disease in this country is caused by deficiencies in foods, because of the way we fill up with pies and stuff that are not substantial.

All right, I’m going into this at length, because it’s important. If these baby cases came in because of some terrible karma in their past existence that they have to work out, we couldn’t do anything for them. Yet we are beginning to do something. And neither could these doctors with vitamins do something for them. And they are doing something for them.

So it brings me closer and closer and closer to my original revelation on healing that error is not power regardless of its form. And even if there’s a belief of karma, it still came out of the mind of flesh, because karma didn’t come from God. There’s no law of punishment in God. So even karma had to come out of the law of flesh, do you see that?

Now, this is a letter from one of our groups saying, “I have just had a strange and incredible flash about those seven cases we are handling. Specifically it came through one of the children. And it said you cannot fight nature and win. Like produces like. Somewhere along the line, unnatural consorting has taken place and produced an abomination unto the Lord, and not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law ’til all shall be fulfilled. We only bring the Christ to bear here in the form of a return to pure consciousness.”

Now, this would leave you hopeless. And it can’t be that anything’s impossible to God. I believe it’s true, on the same human level that says, if you sit I in the draft you’ll catch cold, or if you don’t eat the right foods, you’ll get rheumatism. I believe it’s true that if, on the physical level, that if you don’t eat the right foods, and you can open yourself to any disease. But I do not believe that any of it is true when it touches a spiritual ministry. That’s what I want you to see. That whether it is a claim of malnutrition through bad eating, whether it is a claim of disease through karma, or whether it is a disease through an accident, or a disease throughout not, what the world calls sin, venereal disease and the like. What we have to see is that it is no more affective in one way than another because where did all those laws come from? The law came from Moses. The law came from the human mind. The law came from the carnal mind. The law came from the mind of flesh, which is enmity against God.

And in the mind of God, every single one of these things that I have described tonight is the mind of flesh producing the arm of flesh. So, if there’s a blue baby, or there is a twisted baby, or there is a deformed baby, or if there is a grownup with cancer, or if there’s someone that got it through karma, or if there’s someone that got it through indiscriminate sexual diseases and one thing and another or activities, regardless of its name or nature, it has its foundation in the mind of flesh. A carnal mind, which is enmity against God, only it isn’t enmity against anything because it’s nothing. It has no power. There is neither good nor evil in the carnal mind. And when it’s at best, it’s the carnal mind made manifest.

Now, unless we return to that original vision, that brought me to wherever we are at this particular point in our world unfoldment, and cling tenaciously to the fact that this that we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is the arm of flesh. And where does it come from? The mind of flesh. And what do we do about it? What Jesus did. Put a little spittle on it. Show it the utmost contempt, and spittle represents utmost contempt. If spittle [will] heal it, it can’t amount to much. And so it is.