If we think of our neighbor as a human being, we are malpracticing him, and that very belief of human beings will come back and make us a human being again, and a human being means partly good and partly evil, partly healthy and partly sick, part alive and part dead, part rich and part poor. In other words, humanhood is made up of the pairs of opposites. Humanhood is made up of good and evil. And the moment that we start to think of this world and of people in it from the standpoint of humanhood, we are setting in motion the malpractice that comes back unto us.

In other words, we must have a period each day of what I call purification. I know that throughout the day, lots of times I’m going to express human thoughts of people in the world, but at least once a day, I must sit down and purify myself to the extent of knowing that no matter what human judgment I may pass or no matter what human correction I may give anyone, this is only on the surface and appearance world. Actually, I know that thou art spiritual. Actually, I know that I am thou, and thou art me, and he is us. Actually, I know this, Actually, I know that there is no evil in anyone, but in the human experience of appearances, there are times when I must correct somebody and sometimes in a way they don’t like.

There are times when I am bound to have some harsh opinion or judgment of especially people in high places, but underneath I’m saying, Father forgive me, I know better. I’m purifying myself constantly because even though I may have to indulge human emotions during the day with some circumstances and some people, inwardly, I don’t mean it. It is very much like chastising a child or as some parents still do, punishing them. Even when they’re doing it, they’re not really hating the child. They’re not really meaning what they’re doing. It’s a surface thing to make them wake up. The few instances where parents really let go and get mad, and sometimes they kill their children, but you see that’s because they enter in to that punishment, and they don’t know their strength or the child’s weakness. But ordinarily when a parent corrects, chastises, or even punishes a child, it’s a surface thing. It isn’t in here.

So with us. Even though we may have some harsh things to think about some of the people in world, let us at least in here not mean it. Let us at least in here have a period during the day when we agree, I close my eyes and I’m in a complete spiritual consciousness, and you’re there. Everyone. Everyone because God is no respecter of persons, and we are all here embodied in this divine consciousness. There’s only one great big plate of glass, and it’s molded into a thousand different forms. There is only one infinite consciousness appearing as three billion people, and only when the eyes are closed, and I’m looking down here, can I realize this is the divine consciousness of every one of us. Therefore, I am in your consciousness, and you are in mine. Do you see that?

Now, the thing that has to make me careful is, that anything I think about you is what later is going to come back at me. That is where purity is necessary. That is why it is necessary for us to be pure in our relationships with each other because the moment that we let ourselves get too human, we are dragging ourselves down into humanhood again, because what we are thinking of the other, we’re doing to ourselves.

Now, each one of us is intended to be a blessing to everyone on earth, the animal world, the vegetable world, the mineral world, the human world, but you can see that we aren’t that blessing to each other except in proportion as we have this spiritual purity, in that we can see, ah, looking down into this consciousness, it’s all the same consciousness. You’re looking down into that same consciousness I am. We’re all embodied in this one. We’re all deriving our life, soul, mind, and spirit from this one. We’re all deriving our good from this one. You see what happens then that when we open our eyes to the appearance world, and I see you do something wrong or you see me do something wrong, you can say, Father forgive him. On the surface, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Father, forgive him. It’s all surface.

Up here, we don’t know what we’re doing because we don’t know our relationship to each other, you see. And it’s easy to forgive because no one is doing it except those who are ignorant of this truth, and they can’t help it. They think there’s a separate me, and if I can take a thousand dollars away from you, I’ve got a thousand and you’ve got nothing. They don’t realize that what’s happened is, I have stolen from myself, so in their ignorance, they will keep on stealing. Do you see that? And you can forgive them because they don’t know the truth, and in the same way, no matter what an individual does out here, they wouldn’t be doing it if they know I am you. You see. Nor would they be doing it if they knew the could close their eyes and draw up out of here infinity. They wouldn’t. They’re doing it because they think that’s the only way they can get it out here.

The spiritual student who is putting into practice, now has to have a period every day for realizing my supply is from within. It is the infinite divine consciousness appearing as form. Whether that form is dollars or groten or pounds doesn’t make any difference. Whether that form is a house or an automobile isn’t any different.

The thing is that I am deriving my good from this consciousness down here. The consciousness is the substance of the form of my supply. Now I can say, cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils, wherein is he to be accounted of? Now I can say, let me give the first fruits to God. In other words, recognizing God as the source, let me give back to God. How do I give back the first fruits, and the scripture says, if you say you love God whom you have not seen and do not love your brother whom you have seen, you are a liar.

Therefore, I know the only way in which I can love God supremely, is in the love that I share with man because aside from man, where is there a God? God is the consciousness of man. Therefore only in doing unto man, am I doing unto God. Therefore, I can share my first fruits any way I want. The first fruits of prayer, the first fruits of love, the first fruits of money, doesn’t make any difference. As long as I take the first fruits and share in some way, I’m merely putting back into that infinite source that which is moving around in this circle again.

Now, the point is tonight, that all of the lessons that we learn in this message of the Infinite Way, must be put into practice by us consciously because only what we consciously put into practice will come back to us as living experience. What we just read or hear, that goes in and out, is very nice and is better than newspapers and television, but really is not productive of the spiritual life. The spiritual life begins when we begin to put into practice the principles that become clear to us, and it’s never good to use a passage or scripture or truth unless you can see in your mind’s eye its meaning. There is a danger in just saying, I and the Father are one. There is a danger in saying, God is my supply. Because you’re apt to think that those statements are going to do something for you. They won’t do any more for you than reciting the rosary.

It is only if you can go inside and conceive of the meaning of I and the Father are one or conceive of the meaning of giving first fruits, or conceive of the meaning, have it clarified by some illustration whatever, well, let me give you one that is one of the quotations of my own individual life, one that I live by and through to a tremendous extent. I have meat the world knows not of.

Now I can assure you that quotation is a senseless one as it sounds, and repeating it and repeating it and repeating it will only hypnotize you, but it means something to me. Therefore, it is a tremendous demonstration in my life. All right, what does it mean to me? I have meat the world knows not of. Do you not see that I’m looking down here and knowing that I’m in this infinite, infinite sea of consciousness, and that this infinite sea of consciousness is the substance of my meat and bread and wine and water and love and human relationships and transportation and all the rest of it? Can you not see that infinite consciousness is what I live by? Not what’s external out here.

I’m living by this, and by knowing this, it appears externally as the form necessary to my life. Therefore, I can say I will share with you, I will accept from you, but never will I say I’m dependent on you or need you because I have meat. I have the awareness that down here is infinite consciousness, but I see it spreading all over the whole universe, as any individual can look down in themselves and see what I see down in here, the same divine consciousness, which is the substance of all form. And therefore, I can say I have meat. I have water. I have wine. I have inspiration. I have the power of resurrection. I have the life eternal. Why? Because I have this consciousness, which is the substance, see that? Now, when you can explain it to yourself that way, so that it has a meaning, you can live by a passage, but if you’re just quoting it and thinking that the quoting of it is something, it is nothing.

You have to take your passage. You have to clarify for yourself what it means. Then you can live with it. Then you have a mantra that you can live with. Not just one that you can repeat blindly without knowing its meaning because then you hypnotize yourself with, everyday in every way I’m getting better and better, or God is love, or God is my supply. The first thing you have to know, what is God? Ah, when you know what God is, then you know what supply is, then you can say God is my supply and never look to a human avenue again and say, oh now my business, or my art, or my profession, this is just my daily pleasure. It is not my livelihood. My livelihood is God. Oh think of all the foolish people who say that and have the faintest idea of what God is, of what supply is, of what love is, of what the first fruits are. Do you see?

Our great blessings in the Infinite Way are these tape recorders because in the past, we spoke a difference. It made no difference how deep it was. It couldn’t last. The days would go by, and it would fall away. Today, we go back over and back over and back over and catch some particular point, and you know, if we catch one point on our whole tape, we can make a whole life demonstration. The whole of the Infinite Way demonstration was made on the day when it was revealed to me that the name, the nature of God is I. That one. That’s the whole demonstration of the Infinite Way, worldwide. And so it is with that person, with one unfoldment.

Moses made his whole demonstration on one revelation, I am that I am. He never needed another teaching. Jesus only had one teaching, and it’s all about I. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me for I and the Father are one. I am the meat and the wine and the water. I am the life and the resurrection. I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it eternally. His whole demonstration is built around one word. We think that we need everything that’s in twenty books. We don’t if we catch one, two, three, a whole life’s demonstration is made. It’s like all phases of life. What we put into it is what we get out of it. What we put into our study, what we put into our practice, what we put into our devotion, what we put into living the Infinite Way, that’s what comes back because here it is, as ye sow, so shall ye reap.