I am the bread of life. Why struggle so hard for bread? Why fight for it … sometimes lie, cheat and deceive for it? Why? Why? It’s all within you. Ye need not fight, all good is within you.

Ah yes, but if you don’t go there, if you don’t learn to spend a little time there, if you can’t find a peace in there, a joy in there, it won’t appear outwardly. And so you walk through this world and you’ll have nothing to give anyone. If you have a lot of money and give it, they’ll hate you for it. If you forgive them for what they’ve done, and tell them so, they’ll hate you for the fact that they wronged you. You have nothing to give humanly. No one has, not even Jesus Christ.

But I and the Father are one, and I spend time with my Father within. I love to think of God’s grace within me. I love to think that that grace can flow out, and I can share abundantly with all who are in my experience. I love to know that God’s grace is equal to any demand made upon it; not only a demand for me or by me, but from those who call upon me. No demand upon me can be too big, for I have a divine grace to go to, and draw from.

The kingdom of God is within you. The interior world is the world of reality. The interior world, the world within you, is the world of reality. Externally, you find only forms, but oh they’re such hollow forms if you don’t first go within to make contact. I shall never leave you nor forsake you. What good is that to you, if you don’t go in and meet I? I is there in the midst of you, I is mighty in the midst of you. What good is that if you won’t go in and get acquainted? Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace.

You must have periods day and night, when you go within to meet God. First few times, you may not meet Him … you will eventually. Don’t forget He’s been hidden back there for centuries; centuries in which you’ve been walking up and down the world living on the edge of the world, living on the outside of the world, living on the externals.

There’s probably a big crust of “self” between “you” and “I” that is within you. Be patient, knock and it’ll be opened unto you. Ask, it’ll be given to you. But go within and knock. Go within and ask, “Father reveal Thyself. Speak Lord Thy servant heareth.”

Learn to go within, and realize that locked up deep inside of you is the whole kingdom of reality, the kingdom of God. The whole of the Christ is embodied within you. It’s not walking the streets of Jerusalem. Although I will say this to you that if you walk the streets of Jerusalem with sufficient humility, you’ll feel it there.

You can walk the streets Damascus, and feel Paul walking right beside you. In that great big rush of mass humanity that today walks the street called “Straight,” where Paul walked, you can actually feel Paul’s presence on those streets—for the spirit of Paul has never left there.

So with you, the Spirit of God is within you. The Christ is within you. How are you going to meet it if you play around on the surface of the world with toys and baubles? Meet the Father within.

Please remember the message of The Infinite Way is wholly and completely founded on the revelation of the Master, Christ Jesus. Not because of any superstitious belief, I was never a Christian … I’m not a Christian. I was never a Jew nor an Oriental. I can’t be, because I know that the Christ is the Spirit of God. It was the intelligence and the love of Lao Tzu, a Chinese. It was all that went to make up Gautama the Buddha. It was the life and heart and soul of Jesus Christ, of Moses, of Isaiah, of Elijah, of Shankara, and many others.

But the message of Jesus Christ has given it to us in words so plainly that you can’t miss it. You can’t miss it if you once catch the glimpse that he’s revealing to you a kingdom, an interior kingdom, an interior world that’s as … more real, more real than the exterior one. Because, you could collapse the exterior one. Never doubt this, if they ever release a bomb that destroys this world, there’ll be just as much of the world here, as there was before.

Let me prove it to you. A few thousand years ago when there were only a few million people on earth, was there less of God than there is now with four billion? Will there be more of God next year when there’s another 150 million on earth? Isn’t God here in Its completeness and It’s perfection, even when there isn’t but one? Isn’t the allness and the fullness of God represented in every one? You are that one; the fullness of the Godhead bodily is expressed as you.

If you were the only person left on the face of the earth, you could live the monastic life complete, perfect, harmonious. If there were a billion around you not understanding and not believing, you still could lead the monastic life, the full and complete life in God, because you can always close your eyes at night, in the washroom, in the park. Turn within and realize, just think: within me is the secret of the universe. Within me is the whole secret of the universe. The holy grail is within me . The word of God is within me. The Hebrew Torah is within me—The Ten Commandments, the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, the Hebrew Testament, the Christian Testament, the Persian mystics. All of this is within me. I can open myself and let it flow right out.

The kingdom of God is within me. I can go within and tabernacle with God, with the Christ, with saints and sages. And I can come out into the exterior, and their spirit will flow out through me to be the bread and the wine and the meat and the water.

Of those who contact me in my family life, my business life, my social, my political life—they won’t know the source; they don’t have to. That’s my secret. It’s a secret that I only share with those who are on this path.

I meet thousands of people in my travels, and to them I’m just a man in a business suit of clothes. And we talk over all the problems of the world and they know nothing. They know nothing of the fact that locked up in me is the secret of life. Locked up in me is the kingdom of God. Locked up in me is the healing grace of Christ. Locked up in me is the power to multiply loaves and fishes. Locked up in me is the joy and peace of a universe. Locked up in me is the power to attract to the word of God all those who are seeking God.

And just think, there’s no truth about me that isn’t a truth about you. To some extent all of you have demonstrated this; not enough. To some extent I’ve demonstrated it too, and not enough. For I know as you now know, there is an interior world, a real world. It’s the source of the outer world. It is the creative principle, the maintaining and the sustaining principle of the outer world. You must learn to tabernacle with it; commune with God at the center of your being—meet there every day.

And you see now that you know all these people, you can meet us there. Go right within yourself and meet us there. Realize that we too are meeting within you, within each other. I in you and you in me, and all of us in God.

Just realize that you can never be alone. Wherever you close your eyes and look within, “I” am with you, and all of these people in this room, are with you. They are as much a part of your consciousness as your own family, if only you close your eyes and look for them there. Every word of truth that God has ever uttered, is locked up within you—loose it and let it go.

Never tell this, except to those of your own household. Don’t expose your pearls to those who are not connoisseurs of pearls. Don’t show your great paintings and your great artworks, except to those who have an appreciation of it. Don’t ever let anyone ridicule your inner life. Don’t let them try even to destroy your faith, your understanding, your wisdom. You have a pearl the world would sell its soul to find, if it only knew what it would do for them.

This is the mystical life; this is the monastic life. I and the Father are one, and in God I find my self-completeness. Then when I open my eyes and go out in the world, I share the glories of God, the grace of God, the peace of God that passeth understanding. I of myself am nothing, but I can go within … I can go within and enjoy God’s grace.

No man can take your riches from you. No man can take your peace. The world cannot get inside because it knows nothing of an interior world; it doesn’t know you have one. If the world ever strikes at you, it will merely be to take your money, or your property, or your business. It doesn’t know that those are your toys, or that those are the fruits that grow on your tree, and so that’s all it’ll ever take from you. And you’ll smile, because you know the minute they’ve taken it, this process of spiritual multiplication has already begun, and in due time there’ll be more fruitage on your trees.

No man can take your peace from you after you have discovered the interior world, after you have discovered that within you is the substance of all form, the law of all effect, the divine grace. Never again can the world disturb you; never, never, never can it touch you.

The heart and the soul of The Infinite Way is its mysticism and monasticism. It has nothing to do with leaving the world on the outer plane. It has all to do with leaving the world, while you go within and eat of that inner meat, and drink of that inner water, tabernacle with the inner saints and sages—the Christ. And then come on out and enjoy every person and every thing that God’s grace hangs on your Christmas tree.

Thank you.