The message itself will not do it. I have known of too many people who have read these writings, and then given them away, even sold them to secondhand bookstores, because there was nothing in them. Well of course there was nothing for them, because there was no receptive activity in their consciousness to do something with what was in them. What is in them alone will not do it. It is what your individual consciousness does with what is in the message that does it.

We can say, of course, from now until doomsday that God is good and that God is love, that God careth for His own. And we can even go further with all of our metaphysical friends and say evil is not power, sin is not power, disease is not power. And all of this while, you can be sick and sinning and poor and dying and dead.

Because, until there is an answering response within your own consciousness, this message remains only the letter of truth that killeth. Paul was very clear on that, “the letter of truth killeth.” At least if it doesn’t kill, it doesn’t cure.

The letter of truth doesn’t cure. Reading the books, sometimes result in individual healings, but that is not the object of this work. The real cure is when the resurrection and the ascension take place; when we are raised up out of the death of mortality, into immortality; when we ascend above humanhood, into our Christhood.

This was the object of the Master’s message, that’s why he spoke about those who came to him, only for loaves and fishes. Whether the loaves and fishes meant food or healing made no difference. Those who came only for loaves and fishes missed the entire message of the Master. Of course, after he fed them and they came back the next day for more loaves and fishes, he rebuked them.

A spiritual message results in loaves and fishes—these are the added things. But loaves and fishes is not the goal. The goal is resurrection and ascension. The goal is putting off mortality and putting on immortality. The goal is dying daily to our humanhood and being spiritually reborn into our Christ self, the reality of us.

But this you must understand is an activity of consciousness, and in so far as it is to affect you or me, it is an activity of your consciousness and of my consciousness.

As humans, we can wait for Easter day to come around and have Easter eggs and turkey and ham, and a rest from our labors, and celebrate Easter, even remembering that 2000 years ago, Jesus was raised from the tomb. We can do that, because there will be millions of others doing that very thing—remembering that Jesus was raised from the tomb.

What value that is to them I don’t know; what they gain from it. I gain from his experience the fact that he meant to prove to me that what he accomplished, we can accomplish by following the way he taught, by following the way he lived.

He was the exemplar, the wayshower; he set forth the fact that we can attain immortality. We can attain a resurrection from the tomb; that we can be set free from the prison of our mind—the prison of sin, the prison of false appetite, the prison of disease, the prison of old age.

Because, remember, none of these things actually exist anywhere, except in the mind of man. There is no such thing actually, as old age, because all you have to do is look out and you will see that there are no signs of age out there—every day is the same as yesterday: the oceans are no older than they were, the skies are no older than they were, the stars and the sun and the moon, none of these are old—they are really eternal, and so are we.

But age does exist as a universal belief in the mind of man, which we individually accept. And therefore, as long as we entertain in thought the belief that each passing day or each passing year makes us older, that is what we demonstrate. Therefore, we cannot be resurrected out of the belief of age, until we re-identify ourselves.

Now the Master set forth the manner of his re-identifying himself when he said that if you destroy this temple, in three days I will raise it up again. Here he declared the immortality of his individual being.

Because, even if you destroy this temple, this body, I will still be around, I will still be here to raise it up. You will not have done anything to Me, I, even with a destroyed body, I will raise it up.

And then they destroyed the body, they destroyed it, and they made sure that it was dead. They broke the bones and they cast in the sword, as well as all of the nails, they made very sure that he was dead, but he wasn’t. I was omnipresence. I was omniscience, omnipotence, and therefore, I was right there to perform the miracle of resurrection—raising the body from the tomb.

Now so it is with you and me; we also have a temple which we have thought of as a human body, which it isn’t. Actually, it is the temple of God, the body of God—only our false concept of it makes it appear to us as a human body. But actually, this is the temple of God. And it is given to me as a vehicle, as an instrument for use, as long as I shall need it on earth.

Now, there will be a right time to drop this body—Time when no further service can be performed on earth, a time when my mission is completed, a time when my work is done and obligations have been fulfilled; then the time will go to drop this sense of body and go on. But, I will not drop Me, I will live forever.

Now, should some experience of the race mind threaten my body before my work is finished, then according to the Master’s revelation, since I am still here, I can raise up, resurrect this body from disease, from death itself if it strikes. I can do this, because, I will never leave me nor forsake me. I am with me always. I am eternally alive. And I will be alive eternally. At least as long as God lives, I will live—for, the life of God and the life of me is the same life. There is only one life; therefore my life is as eternal as God’s.

Therefore, if you destroy this temple before I’m ready to give it up, I will raise it up again; I will raise it out of disease; I will raise it out of any sin or out of any temptation or any false appetite. I will raise it out of lack or limitation, because I am always here where I am. If I mount up to heaven, I am here, if I make my bed in hell, I am here, if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am here—for I and my Father are one, the life of God and my life is one.

But, you see, I cannot accomplish this by reading about it in books—this is the letter of truth. There must first of all be something in me, that responds to that message and says, “Ah yes, ah yes, ah yes, this is truth.”

Then, I must abide in that Word, and I must let that Word abide in me. I must live with this truth, over and over again:

That I and the Father are one; and that I am the life of this body, and I am the law unto this body; and I am come that this body might have life, and that it might have life more abundant; I am come that my experience might be fruitful; I and my Father are one; I have meat the world knows not of; I have meat, hidden manna.

But I must live with that truth. I must let that truth abide in my consciousness. I must abide in that Word. I must sing the same song from morning to night, and certainly as my very last thought before sleeping—so that I carry it into my sleep with me.

Because, I must not lose consciousness even when I’m sleeping. I must be conscious 24 hours a day, even when I’m at rest.