…And the passage will be: I am with thee. I am with thee, and you’ll see instantly that as we walk along the street, or drive, we first of all have the feeling of just being there alone, just ourselves, and this makes all of the responsibility on our shoulders. But as we consciously bring to remembrance, I am with thee, the shoulders can drop back a little. A relaxing can come. I am with thee, walking along the street or driving in the car, or up in the plane, or down in the submarine. Wherever I am—I am with thee. I am. That I am is God—infinite power, infinite supply, divine love, and just to know that I am with thee is enough to ensure that every need will be fulfilled at every moment.

I am with thee. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is fulfillment, and so to know that I am with thee is the spirit of the Lord, the consciousness of the presence of God. I am with thee.