If you can transcend your American-‘ism’ you’ll be a citizen of the world, a citizen of the household of God. I hope you realize that I am not saying I should disown my Hebrew ancestry. On the contrary, I am slightly proud of it. That’s one of my limitations or restrictions. Do not think that I mean that we must be unpatriotic, or not love America. No! On the contrary, we love it more, because of the great institutions that have shown the world the way to the freedom of life. But, let’s rise above my country, right or wrong, and while loving our country more than ever, let us be sure that we also love every other country on the globe more than ever, so that in addition to our Hebrew-‘ism or Christianity-‘ism or Vedant-‘ism or Buddhism, in addition to that we really become citizens of the household of God, for that is the vision that Krishna had. That is the vision that Buddha had. That is the vision that Christ Jesus had. He also had a Hebrew ancestry, but he transcended it—not that he loved the Hebrews less, but that he loved the whole world of mankind more.

None of the disciples outgrew their Hebrew-‘ism,’ nor did Paul, but they transcended it, so that while they could love it, they could embrace the entire world of men in that love, and that is what I mean by conditioned. We are only unconditioned when we have broken the fetters of finite sense; when we have accepted God as the one Father of all, and when we have accepted ourselves as brothers and sisters regardless of what we may be by nationality, race, creed, religion, etc.

Now, in the same way, because of our early family ties, we are fettered by a sense of physicality. We were taught from infancy not to catch cold or not to bump our knees or our heads or to fall down. In other words, a physical sense was built up in us from the very moment of conception. In fact, before conception our parents had the dream of two dots coming together and forming one—two cells coming together, a male cell and a female cell so that they might have a child. We were conceived on that whole basis of physical sense, and we aren’t physical. I have never entered a cell any more than I have entered a physical body, yet we are to this day conditioned.

And in our healing work, I can tell you this after thirty-five years of active healing work, that the only barrier to better healing work is that very limitation or conditioning, which still operates in my consciousness, to make me believe that my patient has a physical body that has to have its fever reduced or its lump removed or something of that kind. Consciously I know better. Intellectually I know that I am I, and thou art I, incorporeal, spiritual, harmonious, and whole, and yet, there are times when I am asked for help that that old, old conditioning comes, and says what can I do about it? Or, I’d better sit up all night. Why? Why? Because I still find occasion for having to rise out of the belief that you or I, that we are physical and have physical bodies.

So it is, I Am Spirit. I Am consciousness, and I Am the infinite, divine, consciousness which is God, because all that God is I am, and all that the Father hath is mine, and this is a universal truth of you. This is the real world. In the measure then that we remain conditioned to entertaining a physical sense of the universe we will know fear, and we will know limitation. Oh, yes, let us take the subject of supply. You may think that only poor people have a problem of supply. No, I have some very wealthy people call upon me at times for help on the subject of supply. Even the largest corporations in the world sometimes need help on the subject of supply. And why do you think this is? Because we entertain a physical sense of supply, and we believe that supply is money, securities, property, merchandise. Believe it or not, the deepest student among you sometimes entertains a sense of supply as being physical. And the moment that you do this fear enters, because when you think of supply as physical, you immediately start to measure how much, or how little is available.