1964 Oahu/Maui Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

549B – Between Two Worlds—Mystical Power


Good Morning.

We’ve been spending a long time this season between two worlds, and yet, you will bear in mind, always, that there are not two worlds, there is only one—the world that God created—that world of which it is said that it is good. All that God created is good. Anything that God did not create was not created, so that there is really no such thing as an unreal world, no such thing as a counterfeit world. There is only one world and this is that world. But, about this magnificent, spiritual world we entertain a false concept, so that when we look out at this ocean, instead of seeing right across there to Australia and New Zealand and the South Sea Islands, which we should be doing, because it is all a part of God’s creation out there; all one world—we are stopped by what we call an horizon, and there is no such thing as an horizon.

Set sail on a ship as Columbus did, and you will soon discover that it isn’t there. That sense of limitation represents our sense of limitation, and it does not represent anything out there. In the same way, we look out at this world through the newspapers and radio and television, and we become aware of hatred, bias, bigotry, envy, jealousy, malice, disease, sin, fear, man’s inhumanity to man, and because we are judging by appearances, because we are seeing through finite sense, we say, “What a terrible world.”

And yet, there is no such world, because God created all that was created and all that God created is good. Therefore, there is no such world out there. All of this evil, error, limitation, represents a universal concept of this world, and it is based on the error that came into the world with whatever that experience was that is called Adam and Eve, in which we accepted good and evil as having actual existence. But just as there is no darkness—darkness is an absence of light—neither is there any such thing as evil. Evil represents our ignorance of the truth of being, and every bit of discord that you or I experience represents that measure of our ignorance.

It is for this reason that Paul could say: “I do not claim to have fully attained. While I know all the truth; I know what truth is; I know that I am God. I know that I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life—I know that I do not sin, yet I am aware of a sense of sin that sometimes touches me,” and he did experience it, because he accepted the carnal mind as the mind of truth’s enemy. And so it is that we might truthfully say that all of the truth that ever has been revealed since the beginning of time, we know—every single bit of it we know, but we can’t prove it all, and we can’t demonstrate it all, and the reason is that we have not attained the full consciousness of what we know. We are still in spiritual darkness to some extent, so that while we realize, spiritually realize, enough to overcome some of our major problems, we have a long way to go yet before we evolve out of the physical sense of body, physical sense of universe. And let me remind you there is no such thing as a physical body. There is no such thing as a physical universe, because God is spirit. God is infinite; therefore all that God made is spiritual, incorporeal.

There was a time when the physicist, the scientist ridiculed this revelation. This revelation had its beginning with some individual who was known as Krishna, because he had attained the Christ consciousness. It was repeated again by Gautama, the Buddha, who again attained the Christ consciousness. It was repeated again by Christ Jesus, who also attained Christ awareness. And every mystic who has ever attained the mystical consciousness has known and revealed that God is spirit, and therefore, this is a spiritual universe. But, the world couldn’t accept it, because the world was what the Master called ‘this world,’ that is, the world of material sense.

Today, it is being more widely accepted that there is no physical body, and no physical universe, because, first of all, we have such great scientists as Dr. Van Braun, who finally acknowledges that there is no matter, that what is called matter is mind and of course, mind is not material. And recently, there was a theological conference, and at the conclusion of this conference, after all of the talks were in, the minister, who was a presiding officer, summed it all up in one paragraph of a talk in which he said, “We can now understand that the error of the world is in that we have looked on the world with objectivity, believing that the reality was in the object of sense, and placing our values there, whereas, now we know that the reality is within, is spiritual, and we will now become a world of men who will be contemplators, and will live lives of meditation, contemplating reality, and placing the value in the Spirit.”

Well, I don’t know how else you could sum up the mystical teachings of all time right up to and including this message, but this is what lies ahead of us. We are in the golden age where science and religion must come together in the realization that the real world is a world of spirit or consciousness—that consciousness is really the secret word of life, and that all of this universe is a projection of consciousness, and that your world and my world is exactly the nature of our consciousness, or of our state of consciousness.

Try to understand this: There is one infinite, spiritual, divine consciousness, which is called God, or may be called God, and that infinite consciousness is your and my individual consciousness, and is the consciousness of all mankind—human, animal, vegetable, mineral. This infinite, divine, universal consciousness is individual consciousness, your consciousness and mine. Therefore, instead of judging by appearances as to the nature of our world, we must now turn within and contemplate, meditate, and learn the nature of our world, until we discover—as we do with sufficient meditation and contemplation—that all of the issues of life are bound up in the word I. My world is the product of the I that I am.

Now, if Joel were wholly unconditioned, then my world would be wholly and entirely spiritual and incorporeal and harmonious, eternal and immortal, but Joel has only been able to manifest a certain degree or measure of that infinite, divine consciousness, and therefore, Joel’s world is exactly the measure of divine consciousness that Joel can realize. And whatever still remains of error in the life of Joel, represents that degree of his darkness or unillumined state or conditioned state. Let us say that Joel is still conditioned to some extent by a Hebrew ancestry, and he is further conditioned to some extent by American birth, and he is still conditioned to some extent by personal love of family. All of these things are conditioning elements. Why? Because, if you wholly transcend your Hebrew or Christian religious background, you will be the son of God, brother unto all men, and there will no longer be any of these religious limitations in your nature.