And as you go back over the writings now, you will see that every book has this, and reveals it, but that you cannot understand it until, at a certain point in your evolutionary experience, it hits you, and you say, “Oh, whereas before I was blind, now I see.” And from then on you begin to relax.

Now, let us see this in operationand this is from the book, The Contemplative Life—and it’s the Across the Desk in the chapter, “Contemplative Meditation.

“Resurrection, in its mystical sense, means resurrecting the Son of God out of the tomb of physical senses.” That must be clear then that we’re born into the physical sense. We’re thinking through the human mind only, and resurrection means lifting up the Son of God in us until the Son of God is our mind, not the physical senses.

“It is also resurrection in the sense of rising out of the physical sense of body.” Ah, yes, but when the Son of God is raised up in us, then we have a more spiritual sense of body and this universe…”into the realization of spiritual consciousness as governing all form.”

Now, where have we left God? See that? Spiritual consciousness becomes God in action. Your spiritual consciousness, my spiritual consciousness, the spiritual consciousness of the individual who has attained it.

“The revelation of life lived by grace instead of under the law, consists of the revelation of the consciousness of the individual as a law of resurrection, healing, protection to the body, business, home, and wellbeing in every form, and we begin to see how consciousnessthe consciousness of the individual even without taking thought and without being directed, becomes the law of harmony unto our experience.”

Ah, here in this brief passage is the whole secret. Now, let us say in 1946 that Joel was the only person who had caught these two principles under the name of Infinite Way, and in 1947 it was produced in a book.

Now, the human way of introducing that to the world would be to get a publisher and advertise and to give lectures and invite the press to hear it and report on it and send out free copies to ministers and so forth and so on, and project it into the human mind.

Of course there would be, as there is to this book by the Bishop in England, there would be opposition, and there would be persecution, and there would almost be excommunication, but in time consciousness would begin to absorb it.

Or there is the way that was taught to me, which has nothing to do with those things. Sit in your home and wait for somebody to come to you, and eventually three people came to me, by automobile, from Ohio to California, of their own will and accord.

And then there came four married couples in California, and then there came a couple of more, and a couple more, and then came an invitation to speak to a Unity group, and then came an invitation to speak to an Ernest Holmes’ group. All came, none were sought. I obeyed my orders to stay in my home.

This was just a repetition of my first experience in Christian Science in Boston, when for a year I did not attend a Christian Science Church service or a lecture or visit the home of a Christian Scientist or have a Christian Scientist in my home.

But I got up in the morning, did my meditations, went to my office, returned to my home late in the afternoon, and indulged no human footstep, and one by one they were led to the door, and so that evolved. And so this was the second experience of that same nature.

And then, not I, but another metaphysical teacher sent a copy of The Infinite Way to Henry Thomas Hamblin in England, and it hit him so hard that he wrote an article called, “The Infinite Way,” published it in his magazine without asking me, without writing me, without considering me, and the response was so tremendous, and the demand for the book so big that George, Allen, and Unwin of London wrote to me and asked, “could they publish it?”

In the end, Harper sent for me. And then, Mr. Zepples of the Julian Press flew out to Chicago when we were there, and went away with four books at once. Do you see how it has all come. A pathway has been beaten to the doorstep, without a human act. Never have I gone to a city or a church or any place except when I was invited. Never, under any circumstances have I asked anybody, “Could I speak for them or could I present my message?” No.

And even when I have been invited, I have asked: “Are you sure you know what this message consists of?” My first invitation to a New Thought group in Portland, Oregon was refused, and I asked the leader of that conference to be sure to read The Infinite Way again, and make certain that he wanted it, because it was contrary to their teaching, and in spite of that he wanted it.

Now, behind that is this principle—that if God poured this message into my consciousness, it could not have been to make me healthy, wealthy, and wise. God could not have been considering doing me a favor. It was really not being poured into my consciousness as an individual. It was being poured into human consciousness and I was sufficiently attuned and prepared to receive it. But if God was pouring this into human consciousness, then God must also be preparing other consciousnesses to receive it.

And so, God in His mysterious ways, and it is a mysterious way, brings all of these things about that have now established this worldwide, and now is bringing it into the church, and so forth and so on.

Well, I suppose that one of the greatest thrills that I have ever had in my life time came this week when one of our students sent me a pamphlet or leaflet on the subject of the fact that we do not have to go out into the world to establish liberty and freedom for the worldthat you do not gain anything by crusading for a good cause, that if you sit at home, the world will be led to your doorstep to receive that which you have, and it was a whole exposition of the very experience that has happened as the message of The Infinite Way. That if freedom is a divine idea, and it is established in your consciousness, don’t go out and try to give it to anyone, they can’t receive it. Let them come to you. Oh, it was marvelous! Do you see?

Now, all of this means then, that the consciousness which is God is nothing while it’s floating around in the air. It is only when the consciousness which is God becomes the consciousness of an individual that it functions on our level of life. Therefore, as truth becomes my consciousness, and I abide in it, it touches you, it reaches you somewhere, and you are drawn to it. Now humanly I couldn’t do that.

I remember that the human thing that brought Daisy was a neighbor being sick and wanting to go and not being able to go alone. That’s a funny way to make it operate, isn’t it? And Daisy caught it and the student who brought her didn’t.

And I can remember your trips to Hawaii. See? Which I couldn’t have brought about, could I? But that divine consciousness, without action on my part, without human…O God, go out and get somebody. See that? Sitting, abiding, that brought you several times. Do you see? It found these people. Now, if you could know the hundreds of ways, that I know of, that people have come to us, not only that they might be blessed, but that we might be blessed.