Now for nearly all of the years of the message of The Infinite Way, I have written every word of its message. Now, you see that we are moving into another age of The Infinite Way, and you will notice in our monthly Letter, that we have been carrying a Bible lesson, prepared by Mrs. Stephenson, whom you heard today. You also will find the tape group lessons, arranged by Miss Sinkler, whom you will still hear before this week is over, and who is the Editor of my writings. And there is also a monthly Letter for parents and grandparents prepared by Mrs. Bowden, whom you heard this morning. There is also an intensive study course, a 17-week study course, prepared by Miss McClintock, whom you will hear before the week is over. And you will know by these things that the Spirit that has touched them has made them practical, has given them the ability to present a message, the ability to send forth healing.

There are twenty large American corporations that have formed another company to prepare and send out courses of instruction, written and by moving pictures, instructions to heads of large corporations: presidents, vice presidents, managers, executives, and this course will go to numberless companies across this continent. And in this course it states: Recommended Reading: all of the writings of Joel Goldsmith. Showing what? The practicality of mysticism, when twenty large corporations recommend it for businessmen.

A university last year, having a sales manager’s clinic of the Chevrolet automobile company, recommended our book The Contemplative Life for sales managers and salesmen of Chevrolet automobiles. Do you see how and why I stress the practicality of the spiritual life? Because these years have demonstrated that when the Spirit of God touches you, you begin immediately to lose the personal sense of self. In scriptural language, die daily, so that your prayers are no longer prayers for your own benefit or for the benefit of your family.

We are taught, you know, in scripture that to pray for your friends is a waste of time. If you would be a child of God, you must pray for your enemies. This is just a hint that praying for oneself really is unnecessary. As soon as one has been touched by the finger of God, the finger of God lives our lives. It goes before us to straighten out those crooked places, and prepare mansions. I in the midst of you, become bread, meat, wine, water, supply, companionship, home, harmonious human relationships.

Therefore, we have no need for prayer—the prayer of seeking anything. And if we pray, the highest form of prayer is, of course, praying for our enemy to awaken to his own identity, to awaken to the spiritual Presence that would set them free. But the greatest evidence of the practical nature of the spiritual life is this: the Spirit, which has touched our consciousness, is felt out here, and you witness the Master walking up and down the holy lands, and people being healed and forgiven and fed, and even a woman who touched the hem of his robe was healed.

And so you find that when the Spirit of God is realized, when consciousness has been touched, that your very presence becomes a benediction to those who come within range of your consciousness. It is not that you are interfering in their lives. It is not that you are trying to be a human do-gooder. It is only this: that where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, or, in His presence there is fullness of joy. Therefore, the moment anyone attains the realized presence of God, that presence of God doeth the works.

Make no mistake about this. I of my own self can do nothing. If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie. If I should believe all of a sudden, that I have become a Master, I have lost the way. If I believe that I have any power to bless you, I have lost my soul. It is only in proportion as I live consciously in the presence of God, in meditation, in inner communion, that that Spirit, which cannot be confined to space, will not be locked up in my body. It must permeate the very atmosphere where I am, and It—what the Master called The Father within—It blesses. You do not bless. I do not bless. I merely live as many hours of the day and night as I can, in conscious communion within. I do not try to be a good human being. I merely try to live inwardly, that the Spirit may have influence and power, and not my selfhood; then This doeth the works.

As you hear our students on this platform, you will notice that too, that you are not aware of them as women, but that rather you will be hearing the message. You will more than hear it; you will feel it. And once in a while you’ll have to shake yourself to look up and be sure that you’re listening to human women. The goal of our entire work is not that everyone may be a spiritual teacher or minister or healer. God is infinite, and thank God each one of us is as individual as our fingerprints.

We are individualizations of God being. God manifests Himself, or the Spirit manifests Itself, Life manifests itself as individually in you and me as it does in the garden, in the park, in the forest. No one tree can take the place of another tree. The rose cannot supplant the orchid. The daisy is no less than the peony. The blade of grass is no less than a redwood tree. Each performs its own function as outlined, planned by the Spirit. Each one of us was originally created in the image and likeness of God to show forth God’s glory.

God’s glory may be shown forth in the spiritual ministry, in art, in literature, in music, in industry. Many people wonder about that: industry. How does God fit into industry? Can you not imagine the blessings we have witnessed in the world in my generation and yours through industry? Airplane industry? Automobile industry? Utilities? Do you doubt for a moment that the source of this is God? Of course it’s God. Not that as industrialists we may not misuse our talents, or as bankers or as ministers, for that matter. But be assured of this: The origin of industry is in the mind of God.

No human being ever invented anything. All of the great discoveries have been discoveries, revelations. No man created electricity and the uses of it. They discovered it, and they discovered it within their consciousness where those secrets had been planted. No artist ever created his art. He found his art in his consciousness and drew it forth. A true educator does not teach us anything at all. The true educator draws forth from our consciousness that which God planted there in the beginning. If it weren’t there, the educator could not draw it forth.

But we do embody infinity. All of the wisdom of God is embodied in my individual consciousness, but all of it. The scriptural promise is, Son, all that I have is thine. Well, fortunately, I do not try to bring forth the wisdom of electronics or engineering or bridge building, because I have realized my particular limitations in those directions. And so I’m satisfied to let the Spirit come through in the particular form It seems to have chosen. And in the same way, it does not follow that each of our students will become a healer or teacher of spiritual wisdom, but it does follow that if they are touched, and have the experience of God, that whatever their field is, they will be supreme in. They will be the best.

And the reason is: There is no reason for anything less than the best of your particular field, because your own consciousness embodies the infinity of it. You have to be your own educator. You have to draw it forth from within yourself, and the means which we have discovered is through meditation. When I am preparing to be on the platform, and I have my long periods of meditation, close my eyes, open my ears, and realize that the infinite spiritual wisdom of God is embodied within me, and now, “Speak Lord, and let it flow.”

And there is no reason then, why in infinite truth, the real truth and all the truth, no reason why this should not flow through me. Because I am but the transparency who has opened himself to let that infinity flow through. So it is, music, art, literature, theater; be it what it may, as you learn to meditate, you close your eyes and feel this darkness, and then realize that God constitutes my individual consciousness.