From – The Spiritual Life – Showing Forth the Presence of God

By Joel Goldsmith

Excerpt-Chapter 8

<The Assurance of Divine Guidance

Every activity of our existence can be carried out under divine guidance. While we will all probably make mistakes from time to time, we can reduce the amount and seriousness of our mistakes more than ninety percent by developing the habit of not doing anything until we have turned within for guidance or for the reassurance of the presence. We may not receive instruction as to how to do, what to do, or when to do it, but that is not necessary as long as we have the assurance, “I am with you.” When we have the awareness of God’s presence, then we know that we have spiritual power, divine intelligence, all power with us in whatever we are doing. Even if we humanly made a mistake, it would be corrected.

The point that I am making is that if we seek guidance in our human affairs, while dwelling on the human affairs, we may not and most likely will not get it. Only as thought is withdrawn from the problem, from the person, or from the condition, so that the soul is able to be at complete rest within our being and the mind has withdrawn its concern for the things of the world, are we given the assurance of divine guidance. After that as we return to the world of human affairs, we are spiritually led to think the right thoughts, to say the right words, and to take the right action.