“You need not fight, the battle is not yours.” Rest in the Word, and watch the evils of the world destroy themselves. This is not merely true of your individual problems. But you will one day be so happy to watch the great evils of this world dissolve, right before your eyes, as you look out upon the evils of this world, and smile: “thou couldest have no power, unless it came from God.”

We need not fight, we need not fear the armies of the aliens; we need not fear what mortal man can do to us. Why? “We have the Lord God Almighty,” we have this divine presence within us. Then what is there to fear? And what power remains in the world, in the presence of infinite power.

And so, be not surprised that we are going to witness the overcoming of all evils in the world. Not by having prayer groups to pray for peace, the world has had these for generations. Not by praying to God to destroy our enemy, that’s been going on for thousands of years.

Just in one way, settling back in peace, feeling this Divine presence, and then asking yourself: “what other presence is there than this; what other power is there than this; who has empowered evil; who has empowered, what has empowered mortal mind?”

The answer comes back: “Nothing.” “Be not afraid it is I, be not afraid it is I; the battle is not yours; you need not fight, stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord.”

And you will find this. After these meditations in which you retire within, leave the whole world outside. All your desires, all your hopes, all your fears, all your ambitions, surrender them to God, settle down in peace: “Here I am Father, Thou in me and me in Thee.”

Then, when the presence of the Spirit announces Itself, you really will feel there is nothing left to fear for there are no powers; there is no presence beside this. This that I feel within me is the Infinite All, beside which there is no other.

Just think, when you close your eyes this way, when you have shut the world out, there is just you and that which sent you forth into expression, that which is responsible for your birth, that which is responsible for your every day of your life.

But the reason life hasn’t been successful is that we have lived it through personal sense, instead of a daily surrender to this presence within. No one’s life would ever be a failure, no one’s life would ever end in weakness, and fear, and debility who surrendered their life every morning, to this presence within, and let It take over the day. “I live yet not I, this presence within me lives my life.”

And for a long, long while it is necessary, that we retire within ourselves several times a day to make this surrender, until one day, a complete and perfect surrender actually takes place. After which you discover that you’re really not living your own life any more, nor thinking your own thoughts, but it’s always: “the Father is living your life; the Father is thinking through you; the Father is living through you.”

Then if there are any desires or hopes or ambitions, it is the Father expressing His will, His desire, His power, His presence.

Thank you, until tomorrow night.