Jesus revealed God’s nature: to forgive seventy times seven no matter what your offence may be, and if your sins were scarlet, you would be white as snow. That is God’s nature. It is God’s nature to heal the sick, raise the dead, forgive the sinner. But we don’t know that—we still think of that Hebrew God, or we think of that.… Oh, some other kind of God that you have to sit around and get in His favor one way or another. There is no such God. There is no such God. We don’t need God’s favor any more than we need man’s favor. All of God’s favor that we will ever need we have got. What we need is to know Him aright, and that we do through contemplating truth. All of a sudden it dawns on you, “Well, God is love; then what have I got to be afraid of? There is a God and God is love.” Well, that ends my whole problem. If God weren’t love, then I’ve really got a problem. Oh, what a problem I’ve got if there isn’t a God of love! But the minute I know God is love, I have no more problems. That ends it.
The minute I know God is infinite intelligence and it is His good pleasure to give me the kingdom, what kind of a problem have I got? Then I can forget and start to help the men and women and children who do not know that God is love, who heard the words but do not believe it, and in helping them, I bring the conscious realization home to myself. And I’m sure of this, that in my time, I’ve been able to maintain my health more by the fact that I was busy helping others than in that I ever had any time to do any specific work for myself.
Well, now you see this is the kind of a thing that can happen when a few of us get together in one place with one mind and know what we each are talking about, and that is the benefit of groups like this, that you can bring up things like this, that you can discuss them, hear them, read them, talk about them, and in such an informal way that you really come to know that God can be approached informally also.
Thank you!