1964 Oahu/Maui Series

Joel S. Goldsmith

546A – Between Two Worlds 4/4

Easter turns our attention to the fact that we must turn our attention to the time beyond our earthly experience, not with a fear of it, not with a dread of it, not even with grief and sorrow at those who leave this plane. But we must face this subject of leaving this plane from the standpoint of the resurrection and the ascension, in other words that we haven’t died. We have merely been resurrected out of the tomb of mind and body, and we have ascended into the realm of soul living, God living, consciousness living.

Therefore, what the earth calls death is only setting the stage for ascending out of the materialistic sense of mind and body. I can conceive that a person could so rise in consciousness, above the materialistic sense of time and material limitation, as to even live in this flesh indefinitely, if there were any occasion for that experience. Why not? Why not? It is only a matter of understanding the nature of the body. If you believe that a seed is the beginning of man, then it is conceivable that you must believe that there is an end to that which has come forth from a material seed. But as you begin to perceive that something preceded the seed; that the seed itself is an emanation of something not material. Paul knew it. He said that all things that are seen come forth from that which is not seen.

And so, if you will begin to see that actually God, functioning as individual consciousness, fills us with life, with truth, with love, with spirit, with grace, with a spirit of sharing, with even the spirit of communing, then you will know why we are attracted—men to women, and women to men—each to find his own. And that all that follows is just that love that God has planted in our souls, taking form in mind and body, and then bringing forth man in the image and likeness of God; bringing forth the son of God, heir of God, joint-heir. And the function of the parent is not only to silently know this truth before conception, during pregnancy, after birth, and then as rapidly as the child can grasp it, lead the child to periods throughout the day of turning within to receive God’s grace, God’s love, God’s Spirit, God’s protection, the word of God. And by the time the child is of school age, you’ll discover we have brought forth a whole new people on the face of the earth—those who are no longer under the law, but under grace.

This is what we are seeking in this age, but you must know that what you are seeking must take you back to creation and birth, so that you can understand all that takes place in all of the years following. And then you will know that it is a spiritual truth that we are on earth to glorify God, that God may be glorified on earth; that His kingdom may be the earthly kingdom, the earthly kingdom may be His kingdom, for these must be one.

Thank you.