To attain spiritual consciousness requires practice and nobody gets there without it.

Practice the presence.
Practice protective work. See below…
Practice on dogs, cats, birds, plants.
Practice on any and every appearance.
Practice forgiving.
Practice judging not.
Practice praying.
Practice asking
Practice humility
Practice dying.
Practice resisting not evil
Practice loving God with all your heart.
Practice loving your neighbour as yourself
Practice, Practice, Practice and then Practice some more.

PROTECTIVE WORK – The first 30 minutes of the day are the most important of the day.  Set the tone EVERY day with protective work.
Acknowledge God as the ONLY BEING and ONLY POWER and this precludes the existence of anything of a destructive nature.  FEEL that God is one.  Safety, security and peace are entirely dependent on your realization of the truth of God as One – Infinite One.  You MUST reject the belief in two powers.

Joel S. Goldsmith