There will be presented a couple of audios where Joel is giving answers to questions that are asked. Here is one:

Q:  That leaves one question—why, if we know this truth, are we not able to heal everyone around us?”

A:  I think most of you know the answer to that—this life is an individual experience and no one can inflict on you what you cannot open your thought to receive. You have the answer to that question in all of the Master’s teaching. You will learn that in Jerusalem he did not mighty works because of their unbelief. You will learn that at the end of the ministry he said, “I would, but ye would not. I would love to have given you all this. You couldn’t take it. You wouldn’t take it. You wouldn’t give the time or effort to it. You couldn’t accept it.”

And so you find that this truth can be demonstrated by us in proportion to our acceptance of it, and we can bless those around us—whether in our families, in our social circle, in our church circle, or in the world only in proportion to their acceptance of spiritual guidance. What went ye out for to see? A man with a white robe? Then you’re going to miss this path. What are you looking for? Loaves and fishes? Then you’re going to miss this path. All of this is in the Master’s ministry as related in the Gospels.

When, however, you are willing to recognize that “My kingdom” is not of this world, mine is a spiritual kingdom, and that my blessings are of a spiritual nature, and my good must unfold from a spiritual basis, from the kingdom within, and then watch it as it unfolds in ways that you have no knowledge of at the present moment; then, and then only, do you find that the laws of God operate in your experience.

This is an excerpt from the audio: