A Great Deal on Treatment (6/6)

1953 First New York Practitioner Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

45B – A Great Deal on Treatment (6/6)

Now you see this teacher had the wisdom to say, “Well I’m not in desire of dying or even in fear of it, so this can’t mean anything to do with me. So it becomes necessary for us when these discords hit us to say, “Wait a minute. There’s no part of my being, I’m a practitioner. I’ve gone long past the stage of being downhearted about anything that can happen in the outside world. Certainly nothing that could affect this world or anyone in this world could have any effect upon me; therefore, this is an impersonal error reaching my thought. And so you would begin to handle that until you were perfectly clear and then you’d say, “I wonder who in my practice had that healing? And sometimes, how many had that healing at that same moment.

That would be a second way in which the contact between patient and practitioner would be made. Then the next way of course, would be when you receive a telephone call or a letter.

At the second of that telephone call the contact is made between patient and practitioner and that’s when your treatment is given.

Now your treatment may involve stating some truth or your treatment may only be, “It’s alright, now you forget it and leave it with me. I will take care of it.” You know who “me” is and you know who “I” is, so you know what you are talking about when you let them drop it. You know since there’s no two powers; that there’s not something to be done to a sick power.

Now that may be all the treatment that is necessary, and so you are already ready by the time you’ve hung up the receiver for the next telephone call.

In the same way you may receive a letter and the mere fact that it’s from John Jones, you know that’s one of your patients, and long before you’ve gotten that envelope opened, the treatment has been given. So after you open the envelope and read it, it’s of very little importance what’s in it. The treatment was given the moment that you saw that letter and recognized who it was from, or it may not be so. You may open it, read it, but that’s a point of contact and so it is at that moment that the treatment is given.

I may sit here and a boy come in with a Special Delivery letter and while I’m talking to you, I open it and read it and I keep right on talking, but also at the same time treating. In what manner treating? Well there’s some truth about that thing that is bound to come, that I am going to catch and we’re going to come to that in a minute. And that would be a point of contact.

And so you see every treatment must be an individual one and you don’t give the same treatment for a cancer that you do for unemployment, yet sometimes the same truth may come to your awareness, but usually if someone says they are unemployed, your thought will turn to the fact of God as the only being and containing within Itself all activity, all substance and so forth. But the next call is coming from someone who is complaining of cancer or consumption and your thought will come to the fact maybe of substance, of body, of being, of law, of cause. As a rule, every treatment will be not only individual, but different than the treatment that you gave before. And yet sometimes it may consist only of a sentence and sometimes not of that; just a smile or a flick of your finger as much to say, “I don’t even take that in.”

There too, I can give you an experience of Mrs. Eddy who once called her Boston practitioners up to Pleasant View and said, “You are not doing good healing work down there.” And they looked at each other to see who had squealed. She said, “No, no, nobody told me. Nobody has to tell me. I know, and I also know why you are not doing good healing work. You are first taking in the error and trying to get rid of it, while Mother doesn’t take it in to begin with.

Now you see how simple a treatment can be if you are in an exalted state of consciousness where you don’t take in the error at all; where you don’t give it reality; where you don’t give it law or cause, body or being. And so you come to a place where, after a while, you give so many treatments, that they narrow down and down and down from twenty minute to ten minute ones and five minute ones and ultimately to where many of them don’t even take time, even from the standpoint of seconds. Yet if you don’t get the right response, you might have to go back and sit up a whole night to bring out a healing, because remember, that which brings out the healing isn’t what you don’t do or what you do do, it is a point of realization that you attain in consciousness. And until you come to that realization or point of click, whether your treatment takes one minute or whether it takes six hours, that is what constitutes being a faithful practitioner.

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