From – The Early Years

By Joel Goldsmith

Chapter 22


        A word on companionship: Loneliness and all the things that go with it can be joyously dropped if you are willing to abide in the consciousness of truth. You, as an individual, embody in your consciousness every divine idea. The understanding of this enabled Jesus to declare about himself: “I am the way, the truth and the life,” and if you would walk in his way, you must know that this is the truth about you also.

        Within your consciousness is embodied the right sense of companionship, fatherhood, motherhood, brotherhood, sonship, and sisterhood. But until you know that these divine ideas are within your consciousness and that, in fact, they constitute your consciousness, you will not receive the full benefit of this truth. Your consciousness of this truth will bring to your experience protection, beauty, harmony, grace, peace, friendship, love, fidelity, and faithfulness, but not until you understand that rightnow you include these within yourself. They, in fact, constitute what is you. Then know that: I am love, I am companionship, friendliness, I am completeness, I am allness, because all these divine qualities constitute my consciousness. Dwell in this consciousness of allness, of I AM-ness. Take no thought of human circumstance or condition and letdivine harmony appear.

        It is a simple thing to say, “Put not your trust in princes,” but unless we have risen to the spiritual understanding of such truths, we will allow ourselves to be hurt by human experience. As a matter of fact, friend, companion, husband, mate, all of these are divine ideas, but because they appear to human consciousness as men or women, we think of them as such, when they are not. These are never at the mercy of “man, whose breath is in his nostrils,” neither can you lose an idea that is embodied within your own consciousness. As you realize you embody them within your own being, you manifest them. You cannot lose health, home, harmony, peace, joy, satisfaction, when you have once seen that they exist as ideas in mind, in your mind.

        They are ever-present, because of omnipresence and because of this, they will always be. However, we must gain the true concept of man before we can make progress in our way to scientific understanding. We all know that God is love; that God is mind; that God is all-inclusiveness, but do we remember that “I and the Father are one” and that this “one” does not and cannot mean two? Do we realize that the one consciousness manifests itself, its qualities as you? Do we remember that you are an individual spiritual consciousness, embodying every quality, activity, and the harmony of mind, life, love? Do we understand that the activity of mind is man; that the faculties of mind are the faculties of man? All action, intelligence, wisdom is the action of mind, and this action of mind made manifest is man.

        All that God is, man must be, because “man is the expression of God’s being.” When we properly understand this our material needs will be lessened and we will find greater companionship in the kingdom within us, and correspondingly less need for the so-called outer universe. The recognition of the omnipresence of that which seems missing, is the power which heals.

        Human belief claims that we have problems, but to know that the claim is not our claim, that the belief is not man’s, would be to see that man is free, whole, joyous, and harmonious. In the degree that you hold thought steadfastly to this truth, will you find thisallness revealing itself to you, and so brought into visible expression.

        As to Christ, do I need aught? What can I want beside? As the Christ, I give all; I feed five thousand, I forgive, I bless, I shine. “Believest thou this.”