More About Grace (1/4)

1950 First Portland Series

Tape 5 Side 2

Questions and Answers:

Living by Grace, The Deep Things of God, More About Grace


By Joel Goldsmith

Part 1 of 4


The right spiritual approach is this—since God is infinite being, God is your being, so I do not have to believe anything of a discordant nature that you tell me about your being. And by my ability to disbelieve and to hold aloof from believing, you receive the benefit of it.

If you, yourself, come under the mesmerism, certainly you can’t give that healing; so the first thing to do is forget that individual—forget them entirely. That’s not your problem. Your problem is to get consciously one with God so that his problem never touches you. Once you get to that state of consciousness where his problem doesn’t touch you, you are already the light of the world unto him—but not until then. As long as there is a sympathy, a compassion, you have no power to be the light.

The light of the world is he or she who does not believe in appearances. And therefore is not sympathetic with them and so forth and so on. The difference between sympathy, pity, and compassion must be evident. Compassion, yes compassion is what puts a person into the work as a practitioner or teacher. That is the realization that people are not fully aware of their heritage as children of God, and they would like to be part of the awakening process. That’s compassion. But the minute they come in and want to hold your hand or put ice bags on your head that’s pity or sympathy and they have lost their healing power. Do you follow that? Do you see that?

Now, don’t try to help people while you, yourself, are all hot and bothered about it. Get yourself aloof. Find your conscious oneness with God, come to the realization of man’s true identity, then you will find automatically you’ll help. The realization of God is the healing principle.

But if you are in need of an instantaneous healing, for heaven’s sake, come to the practitioner with clean hands and leave all those medicine bottles behind and place your entire reliance on the great truth that I and the Father are one, and that is all we have to demonstrate. The naturalness of this thing, this message of The Infinite Way is in this: it’s a recognition of the fact that we are already in heaven; and that we are not striving to get there. We are not trying with a lot of statements of truth and self-hypnosis and all the rest of this thing to bring about something that is already established.

Our work principally is relaxing. That sounds easy—it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but that is our function—to relax and to let—just the same as if we planted a seed in the ground and cover it. We go away and let nature take its course. There is a thing called nature. There is a law of nature that acts upon that seed that brings it forth into fruitage.

And so it is, there is a law of God that operates in, through, and as our being, and it really is responsible for governing us. We are trees of His planting. We are His creatures, we are not our own. And as we recognize these great truths, as we let His law take over, and as we let It take over, It becomes the law unto us and It has the responsibility and It functions and ultimately we come into living by grace.

Now to live by grace is really to do those things that are given us to do and let the law function and show us what to do and how to do it. In other words, we still will hold jobs, or we still will have homes to take care of, we still will run businesses and governments, but we will do it always with the right intelligence, the right direction, the right integrity. That is living by grace.

It doesn’t mean to be taken out of the business world and be set up in a park and have all our good brought to us there, it means to continue in the same line of life we are in now—probably an advancing one, from one thing to another higher thing—but doing all that which is given us to do today and letting this grace provide that which we have to do tomorrow and also provide us with the intelligence, the wisdom, the financing, and all the rest that goes with it.

End Part 1




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