Overcoming Mesmeric Sense

Error is nothing more than a universal hypnotism which comes out of an impersonal entity called devil, mortal mind, or carnal mind.

From – The Foundation of Mysticism

By Joel Goldsmith

P. 250

Excerpt – Overcoming Mesmeric Sense

        There is such a complete sense of separation between God and the man of earth that the two never come together. That is why, in order to live under God’s grace, what Paul said must necessarily follow: “The spirit of God must dwell in you, otherwise you are not under the law of God neither indeed can be.” Only when the spirit of God dwells in you. There is other scriptural confirmation about this: The Ninety-first Psalm says, “A thousand shall fall at thy left side, ten thousand at thy right side, and it shall not come nigh thee.” Who is this “thee”? “They who dwelleth in the secret place of the most high.” They are the only ones who can be certain that these evils will not come nigh their dwelling place. And this is the teaching of Jesus Christ: “If you abide in this word, and let this word abide in you (let me abide in you—God, the spirit of God, you will bear fruit richly; but if you do not abide in this word (that means not consciously living in this word, not acknowledging that I is God in the midst of you), you will be as a branch of the tree that is cut off and withereth.” What’s the use of quibbling? That’s the way it is. That’s the way it is stated in scripture. Heaven knows we have witnessed man’s inhumanity to man for countless centuries, with no lessening of it, and thereby we know God isn’t in this scene. That is why there is no use asking God to heal disease, to stop tidal waves, or to end the depression.

    But Jesus also taught: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Understand why this is. God is. And God is infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and because of this there is no evil. If you have an infinite, eternal, immortal God, and in the entire kingdom of God there is no evil, then, as scripture says, “God is too pure to behold iniquity.” Certainly God wouldn’t tolerate it today and then heal you of it tomorrow. That would make of God a human being, and not even a very nice one. No, no! The reason healing is possible is this: God is, and God constitutes this universe, and God constitutes your being which is perfect. But because of this sense of separation, you are going to be bombarded with mental miasma, which is malpractice, a constant hypnosis coming out of this carnal mind belief of two powers. Without your consciously knowing it, it is getting into your system (the same way that subliminal advertising is thrown into the unconscious or subconscious mind) and then you respond to it. That is the wherefore of error. Error is nothing more than a universal hypnotism which comes out of an impersonal entity called devil, mortal mind, or carnal mind.





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