Infinite Way Letter
July 1955
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 6
Meditation For Beginners

“The heavens declare the glory of God: and the firmament sheweth his handywork.”

When you are close to nature out in the country, in the mountains or by the sea, and more especially when in a peaceful, quiet and reflective mood, you become aware of many wonderful and beautiful things that ordinarily slip your attention and thought. Often in the evenings when I am sitting on the lanai, I become aware of the millions of stars overhead, and in contemplation of their number and brilliance have noticed the constellation known as the Southern Cross. After watching it rise and set a number of times with perfect regularity, you realize that there is a law, an order and an activity behind this event which produces this experience every night. And so it is also with the regular and orderly rising of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, the succession of growing things each in its own season.
In pondering this in connection with prayer, can you not see that it would be sinful to pray for the Southern Cross to rise in the sky, or to pray for the tide to come in or go out? Would it not be sinful to pray for flowers to bloom when all one has to do is to behold the great mystery of Life unfold, disclose and reveal Itself before your very eyes? The great prophets of old saw that man need do nothing about these great miracles except to behold them, to enjoy them, and to be grateful that there is an infinite Wisdom, a divine Love, and that It has created all these things for Its own glory. This really mans for your glory and for mine, because God’s only existence is as you and as me!
We have seen before that it is useless to pray for supply. If you were to be so practical as to think in terms of meat and potatoes, clothing, fresh air, pure water, you know that there is an over-abundance of these things in the world—there is no use praying for them. There are enough people in the world that everyone can have an abundance of companions, so there is no use praying for companionship. Certainly if God has created the heavens, the earth and the oceans, and if God has stocked the earth with all the good things, do you doubt for a moment that He created a perfect body for you, for your use, for your pleasure and expression? God could not have given us so much of His Grace, expressed in infinite supply, without also having given us perfect bodies. As you behold the orderly processes of what we call nature, and as you perceive the invisible activity of the Spirit as It appears outwardly as the harmonies of life, then do you see the futility of praying for anything.
If it is not necessary to pray for all of these things, what is there left to pray for? It has previously been stated that every time you resist the temptation to pray, you are in prayer. This seems a strange statement, and one you might question. At first this seems to wipe out prayer and the need for prayer, but something in your heart tells you that prayer is a glorious thing; that prayer is a necessary thing; and that prayer is one of the most beautiful experiences on earth. Something within tells you that prayer must be the very Voice of God, the very atmosphere of God, the very consciousness of God. Something tells you that prayer is a sacred and secret thing; that you must not pray to be seen of men, but that you must retire into an inner sanctuary, the secret place of the most High, and there pray in the realization that “The Lord is my shepherd.” Because the Lord is my shepherd, the Lord’s Grace is my sufficiency.
God must love His Son for He created the whole of heaven and earth for His Son—for you and for me. It is more wonderful to know that God loves me, than to know that I love God! God’s Love is expressed as my love, reflected by my love, for without God’s Love for me I could not love God. You can readily see that this is a two-way activity, much more so than in human experience. It is not difficult to love those who love us, but it is very difficult to love those who have little or no feeling for us. And so I am not too concerned about my love for God, because that would not exist at all except for God’s Love for me. Just the realization of God’s Love for His universe and for His children is prayer, and in this prayer there are no desires that God should love me more than He does, no feeling that God should be doing more than He already is doing.
If there is any desire at all it is that I may more greatly appreciate God’s Love and what it is doing in my life, in my mind, in my Soul, in my body and purse. It would be well to ponder more the beauties and bounties that abound on every hand, and realize that none of this would be but for the Love of God for His Children. God has given us the sun that we may have light by day; the moon that we may have light by night. He has given us the earth and the seas that we may be fed, that we may travel; He has given us soft breezes that we may be refreshed. God has provided for our every need.
End Part 4