Atmosphere of God (5/5)

It’s up to you how fast you go, but it’s not up to you whether or not you go.

1950 First Portland Series

Tape 5 Side 1

Atmosphere of God


By Joel Goldsmith

Part 5 of 5


Today, I don’t fear or hesitate about any case or any type of case because I have already learned that there are no thoughts that I can think that will heal anybody. But I also know that if some thought or impulse comes to me from within, anything in this world can happen and most usually does. Yes, there is no limit to the power of God. There is no limit to the power of Christ. The only thing is that we have got to recognize that I live, yet not I, it’s really Christ living Itself as me and just as it produced a body for me in the beginning, I’m sure that if this body were destroyed, in three days, it would raise itself up another temple. And so I am sure that just as that Christ of Jesus could feed multitudes then that Christ can feed it now, as long as someone of us doesn’t get in the way and say, “What a mighty practitioner am I!”

Now, so it is, if you begin to realize that actually you aren’t here on earth living your life as something separate or apart from God, but that actually Christ has incarnated itself as you. Christ has brought Itself to earth as individual you. You are the sons and daughters of God. And the Son of God is Christ. The son of man is Jesus. The Son of God is Christ. And so the son of man appears to be Joel, but the Son of God is the Christ of Joel. It is that which is talking; it is that which comes through.

You’ve seen tonight as perfect an example of it as you ever will. As you saw this whole thing begin to … I’m sure that many of you out there saw this whole message formulating as it came through because of all the people in this room, I’m probably the only one who hadn’t a single idea in his head what would happen when I got on this platform tonight. You must have seen—some of you at least—how it was formulating in Itself; how It directed me into meditation, how It directed the meditation and now It has come forth as this idea. So it is with us.

Supposing we don’t know what is going to happen to us tomorrow. What difference does it make if we know that the Christ of us knows, and that It is not going to get Itself into trouble. It may get Itself crucified, but It won’t hurt. It’s going to step right down off that crucifix. It’s going to step right out of the tomb. It may go through some trouble. If you go through the troubled waters, I will be with you. It doesn’t say you won’t go through them, but never fear: I will never leave you nor forsake you. It makes no difference what waters you go through, you will not drown anymore than the Hebrew people going through the Red Sea. If you go through the flames, they will not kindle, they will not burn you because I will be there. I, the I that is not the devil, Joel—the I that is the Christ of God, the Son of God. That is always somewhere around here, if only we will give recognition to it.

Now let us watch this word I. The word I in its true meaning is God. And if you can accept that and realize this I of me has really come into being that I might have life and that I might have it more abundantly and so, I am already fulfilled. I am come that ye might be fulfilled; that you might have the fulfillment of everything and I am trusting the I of me, the Christ of me, to bring it into expression. Use the word in that sense and you will really bring the kingdom of God on earth in manifestation to you.

But in doing that, you must die daily to the other I—the I that can’t and the I that won’t and the I that is limited; the I that is personal; the I that is concerned with its environment or background or education or lack of it. That I must be dropped out in order that the infinite invisible I may come into expression and take over.

Now you know, there isn’t anybody in this work that couldn’t spend hours and hours and hours giving you testimonies of healings that they have witnessed: healings of sickness, healings of sin, healings of lack and limitation. It isn’t peculiar to me, everyone who has ever been an earnest, sincere worker; anyone who has ever been guided by the Spirit can go on and give you as many as I can and a lot of them can give you more. So it isn’t just for the rehearsal of testimonies or healings, but it is to show you the universality of a principle that you embody as well as I.

The Christ is living as my individual being. It appears in an individual way. Each one of us is an individual form and expression; each one would voice the same truth in different words; each one would express these experiences with different parables or different illustrations. I just happen to use those that come to me. You, in my place would use those that come to you.

Christ would express Itself in infinite form, but in individual form. But it shows that we are all one. It makes no difference: Paul was a Jew and a persecutor—Saul of Tarsus—a persecutor of Christians. The disciples were Jews; I suppose Jesus was a Jew, he was supposed to have been. It doesn’t make any difference. There are people, Hindus who are Vedantist, and they are really Christians today. There are Mohammedans who are Christians. Oh, don’t you see that our backgrounds have nothing to do with it?

We read in scripture, don’t we, something about no Greek and no Jew and no bond. In Christ, in Christ, there is no such thing as a background—saint or sinner, your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow. No matter what you were—it’s what you are, and the only thing you are is what you always were: the Son of God. That I was never man; that man was Christ or God. But the difference is in our recognition of it, in our acknowledgment of it. And if you can acknowledge—thinking back on your humanhood as I just thought back on mine—if you can look back on your humanhood and say, “In spite of all the errors in my existence, in spite of all the sins of omission or commission, I recognize right here and now, that at no time have I ever been anything other than the Christ, even when I was calling myself I, Bill; I, Mary.” From that moment on, you have begun to die daily; you have begun to be reborn of the Spirit, and you will be surprised, in a year or two which platform you’ll be on saying the same thing, “Whereas I was a sinner, I’m a saint. Whereas I was a Jew, I’m a Christian. Whereas I was black, I’m white.”

You see that? It’s all up to us. The secret is, none of this can happen to you except through the activity of your own consciousness. It’s you who has to make the decision. At first glance, that might seem as if you have free choice. Well, you haven’t. You’re going to be it sooner or later because the finger of Christ has already been put upon you. The only thing you can do is hasten that day by beginning consciously to embody this truth; to begin consciously to make your acknowledgment and recognition of the Father and all of those things we have taken up during these six talks.

It’s up to you how fast you go, but it’s not up to you whether or not you go. That is not in your keeping. It has been taught that we are creatures of free choice. Don’t believe it…Nothing further from the truth than that. I would like to see any one of you make a choice tonight to decide to steal something. See how far you get with it. You haven’t any such choice. You couldn’t violate your own integrity. It doesn’t lie within your power to do it. And it doesn’t lie within your power to deny Christ an outlet in your experience because the finger is on you.

And so, whether you voluntarily yield yourself to it and begin your ascent by saying, “I’m willing to go through any form of discord, any form of inharmony, since I know now that God is going with me and the inevitable result is good, or whether you just decide to battle a little while with that aspirin bottle or making loans and postpone the day. And you can postpone it, but you can’t evade it or avoid it. That does not lie within you.You have not chosen God; God has chosen you.

Please, let me tell you, it has been a great joy to be here, it’s been a great joy to share with you, and it’s only the very high atmosphere that you yourselves have brought here that have made it possible for this to flow without interruption. Please, let me say thank you and bless you. Good night.

End Part 5



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