1950 First Portland
Tape 4 Side 2
By Joel Goldsmith

1961 San Diego Special Class
Excerpt Tape 400
By Joel Goldsmith
Essence of The Infinite Way
We do not, in our work, ever concern ourselves with the effect. You may say, “it’s heart or liver or lungs or paralysis or insanity.” That is nothing to us because we know where it originated how it started and how it can be stopped. It started in a universal belief in two powers. This belief in two powers is so widespread that it is virtually hypnotic, and it appears, this universal belief in two powers, in infinite forms. And it appears to one as a continuous poverty and to another one as continuous disease, one different one after another, to another one as unhappy human relationships. But behind every single bit of it is this belief in two powers.
Now, in the same way, every one of us every day is confronted with a claim, a belief, an appearance of law. It may be some law of matter. It may be some mental law just like infection and contagion is a law—the product of a law. Epidemics are products of law. If you understand God to be the lawgiver, the only law there can be is a spiritual law, and your realization of this immediately begins to nullify what is called material and mental law.
Now the very moment that you know this truth that God is Spirit and, therefore, the only power is spiritual power, and that which is universally accepted as material or mental power is non-power, you begin the eradication of sin, disease, death, lack and limitation or old age in your experience because there isn’t even an aging process in the world. Even the aging process is one of human belief. And you can begin to nullify that when you’re 16 years of age if you like or 20 or 30 or 50 or 80. But at any moment that you begin to realize there cannot be an immortal life and an aging process—there cannot be the power of eternal life and the power of an aging process—you have begun to eliminate the aging process from your mind—the only place that it exists.
Your knowing this truth – ah yes let me interrupt myself to remind you that we do not know the truth about man in our work. We do not know the truth about you. We do not know the truth about a human being. Our prayer and treatment work is knowing the truth about truth, knowing the truth about God. Therefore, if God is Spirit and if God is the lawgiver, then the only real law must be a spiritual law, and this of course must be a law of life, continuity, immortality, eternality, a law of resurrection. As you know this truth and automatically realize then this universal belief of two laws or three laws or material laws and mental laws, this is dissolved in your consciousness. ‘A thousand may still fall at your left and 10,000 at your right. It will not come nigh your dwelling place’ if you are knowing this truth.
Now in our work we handle every claim: disease, sin, false appearance—that is brought to us not as a person but as the presentation of the carnal mind in one form or another. And then recognize that since the carnal mind is not ordained of God, it is not power. It has no power, is not a law, has no law and therefore must fall by virtue of its own nothingness. By impersonalizing evil in that way we have found that most of the claims yield quickly and thoroughly because we have not touched a person. We have not tried to change a person or psychoanalyze a person. We have known the truth which is that all evil is a belief in two powers.