1950 First Portland
Tape 4 Side 2
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 6 of 6
Now make your conscious oneness by realizing that the I of my own being is God. That He within me is God. That the Father within me, that very I of my being; that which I announce when I say I; the divine Presence goes before me; that infinite Being, that Infinite Invisible of my being is God, and I am so consciously one with It that It is pouring Itself through as my daily experience, as the harmony and the activity of everyday; as the health and wholeness and longevity and immortality of every year and of every century. All that the Father hath is mine, and the Father is within me. Therefore the infinite good of God within me is ever pouring Itself through into visible manifestation once I recognize that the kingdom of God is within me and stop looking out here to a person, to a place, to a thing, to an investment and realize, “No, these are all given to me for use, but in here is the source of them. Without the source of them being in here, there would be no such thing out there. I will never leave you, nor forsake you.
And if you go through—there is no promise that you may not be called upon to go through some high waters. You may be called upon to go through the Red Sea or cross the desert, but always remember, that even the desert can be made to blossom like the rose. Always remember that even in the desert, manna can fall from the sky and water come from the rocks. Why? Since I am even in the rocks. I am even in the desert. Whither shall I flee from they Spirit. Lo, if I make my bed in hell, I…. All you have to do in any moment of trouble is say the word to yourself “I.” But say it softly and say it gently; not egotistically like, “I am God; I am God.” It will drive you crazy, besides wrecking you. It isn’t true that I am God. But it is true that I am God. It is true that the I in the midst of me is God. It is true that I am he. It is true that I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly. I am come. That I in the midst of you has been placed there for one reason: that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.
There is no God up on a cloud; there is no God outside of you; there is no God in a book. Yes, God fills all space, but remember, the God we’re talking about is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet; in the very midst of you; it will never leave you nor forsake you. You can rest assured that if you ever decide to pass on, it will be standing there watching the process and probably laughing at you too. I have found it has a very good sense of humor.
Never forget: your conscious oneness with God; your realization that the I in the midst of you is God. Your realization that that I is the divine Presence that goes before you to make the crooked places straight. The conscious remembrance that that I goes into the airplanes with you and down into the submarines with you; and goes right out in the war fields too. That I is in the midst of you when bombs are flying and that I is God, and It’s greater than any bomb that ever dropped. Only remember that we are talking about the I, the I that I already am; not the one I’m going to be after I get a treatment. Not the one I’m going to be after I reform a bit and get to be more pure. No. I’m speaking about the I that is awaiting your recognition now, that is ever available, that provides rain for the just and the unjust. Yes, I in the midst of thee am mightier than… Indeed that I in the midst…. But recognize it.
Unless you know God, you’re in trouble. And the longer you search for God, the longer your troubles will continue. Give up your search for God and acknowledge you have found him. And you have found him in the midst of you; right where scripture, throughout all ages has told us that God would be found: right in the midst of us. So close to us that we miss it, but all we need is the recognition of our true identity: I am He; I in the midst of thee am He. And whithersoever thou goest, I will go, and thy people will be my people because I can never leave me nor forsake me. Wherever I go, I carry I right with me. And that I is my support and my supply. That I is my password to a master’s wages, wherever I am, I am. And wherever I am, God is, and wherever God is, infinite abundant supply is pouring itself forth to me. I am he. I in the midst of thee am He. And I am come. I. Let’s say I. “I.” I am come; that I is come to you that you might have life and might have it more abundantly. The I of me has come that I might have it; the I of you has come that you might have it, and one of these days, you are going to raise yourself so high in consciousness, that there won’t be an I of me and an I of you; you’ll get up there in spiritual awareness and you’ll see that there is only one I in this whole room. One I multiplying Itself and appearing as many. The One appearing as many. Just like we go into Coney Island where they have those funny mirrors and we stand there and we see twelve reproductions of our self, but it’s always our self. So it is, in this room, there is only one Self. That is spelled with a capital S. One Self, infinitely manifesting Itself in infinite form and variety, in infinite shades of beauty and symmetry and form and outline and color. That’s the secret. Know God. Or the Greek temple said, “Know thyself, and you will know God. Yes, because, I and the Father are one. And knowing myself, I know God, because that’s the only self there is. Knowing God, I know myself; that’s the only Self there is. One Self; I am He. Not the egotistical I, that blusters about its power, since the human, in and of itself, would be like the electric light bulb that said, “What a wonderful electric light I am.” It isn’t at all. Only by virtue of its oneness with electricity is it so beautiful. So we, as Joel, Mary, Bill—we, in and of ourselves would be nothing except that our oneness with the Father, the Universal, makes us all that the Father is.
Yes, you know, in the chapter, Supply, and also the pamphlet, Supply, we have that illustration of the orange and the orange tree. If we look upon the orange, in and of itself as our supply, the minute we take the oranges off the tree, we have no more supply. But it isn’t true. As long as we have that tree there, there will be oranges growing. Actually, it is the law of God operating as the orange tree that is the supply of oranges, and as long as the law of nature takes place in that tree, the oranges will appear…And so with us. The law of God operates in our consciousness and it brings Itself forth as Joel, as fruitage, and Joel is just a visible manifestation of the invisible I called God. Isn’t it wonderful?
Thank you and bless you.
End Part 6