Immortality (3/5)

Infinite Way Letter

April 1955

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 5

The Price of Truth

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.”                                                                                      (Matt. 13:13)

The Roman poet, Ovid, once said: “The most acceptable gifts always are those which the giver makes precious,” and if this be so, no gift could be more precious or more appreciated than Truth. Truth bears a tremendous price. Truth cannot be bought for spare change, or in your spare time. There is no way of acquiring or demonstrating Truth unless you are willing to sell all you have to buy it.

After studying Truth for twenty or thirty years, many people wonder why they do not seem much better off than before, and this is due, primarily, to the fact that they have accepted the teachings of the Master only in part. Many affirm that the entire Truth teaching is to be found in the teachings of Jesus, but how many have seriously studied the views of Jesus on the point of how much we must pay for Truth, and how much we must be prepared to sacrifice and relinquish?

In the days of old, one price was paid for this Truth—the human sense of life. Jesus paid that price. Peter, Paul, and John paid it, as did thousands of others who knew in advance that in turning to Truth they were risking loss of their human sense of life. Today, modern teachers of Truth are doing the same things. In explaining that the Mind of God is your mind they are risking the displeasure of the entire human world. What they actually mean is that God is your individual mind, and that all the power of the Godhead is embodied in your individual mind.

The reason we do not always give outward evidence of this Truth is because we have not seriously accepted the Truth that God is our mind, and so we feel limited in many, many ways. For instance, if your telephone rang several times within an hour, with people asking for help, saying they were very sick, some of them dying, the chances are that about eighty per cent of you would say, “I am not qualified to give such help: you had better call a practitioner.” You have been told that God is your mind, but you have not accepted that Truth as a fact. Therefore, you feel that there is a limitation to your healing power, whereas it is not yourpower at all. It is the Mind of God that heals! It was not Jesus’ personal mind, nor His educated mind—it was the God-mind operating as the individual mind of Christ Jesus that did the healing work. Let that Mind be in you!

How can you let that Mind be in you except by acknowledging that it is in you? It is not a Mind separate and apart from you that you can admitinto your mind. You can only let that Mind be your mind by the acknowledgement, “Thank you, Father, Thy Mind is my mind.” Then when you are called upon for help of any nature you can say, “Certainly, I will help you.” And you will have healings. The Master always said, “I can of mine own self do nothing,” but the Mind that was in Christ Jesus (the Mind of God) fed five thousand, healed the multitudes, and raised the dead.

No demand can be made upon us that we cannot fulfill! Granted, we do not fulfill them all: we fail in some, but the sole reason is that we do not fully acknowledge that God is our mind. We accept it with certain limitations. We cajole ourselves with the thought that another year or two of study may do it for us, but this is not so. Only one thing makes the Law effective unto you and that is the acknowledgment that the Mind of God is your mind, and therefore your mind is fully capable of meeting any need, be it physical, mental, moral, or financial. Every need of human life that directs itself to you can be met through the Mind of Christ Jesus, which is your individual mind. God is not respecter of persons, therefore anything that is true of one is true of all. Jesus said, “…my Father and your Father”—your mind and my mind, and you can accept that literally.

Any healing that Jesus accomplished was through the same Mind which is in you. This is not egotism, nor is it boasting of personal power. This is the deepest humility in the world—humility which has no sanctimoniousness about it. This is the humility that acknowledges, “All power is given unto me by virtue of the fact that the Mind of Christ Jesus is my individual mind, and It can do all things.”

End Part 3

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