From the book – Spiritual Healing
By Joel Goldsmith
Excerpt of chapter – God-Endowed Dominion
P. 124
From Across the Desk
It must be continuously remembered:
I find the harmony of being in my consciousness, and it is the harmony of my body and of my human relationships.
This should become a matter of hourly practice until that moment of transition from one state of consciousness to another when we can say, “Whereas I was blind, now I see.” To be able to close our eyes, shut out all persons, and realize that our good and our companionship are in Consciousness would mean that on opening the eyes we would find ourselves in the presence of those necessary to our experience. Since God constitutes our consciousness, and God constitutes the consciousness of every individual on the face of the earth, we are one with everybody. But first the human experience must be blotted out. We cannot meet a problem on the level of the problem.
To find our good in the consciousness which we are is to bring such a change in individual consciousness that bit by bit over a period of time we would find ourselves in a whole new consciousness, and would see our life transformed and on higher ground.
All that God is, I am. All that God has is mine, for I and the Father are one. All this universe is embodied in my consciousness—the skies above, the earth beneath, the waters and all that is in them—because God constitutes my individual consciousness.
My consciousness embodies the fullness of the Godhead. My consciousness is the law unto my health and my supply. My consciousness embodies every activity of intelligence, guidance, and direction.
The infinite allness of God is mine. In my oneness with God, I am all.

This realization of oneness is our assurance of completeness and perfection, and it acts to break the human ties of dependence on person, place, or thing. In one experience after another, we transfer our allegiance or faith from effect back to Cause. We break our dependency on “man, whose breath is in his nostrils.”
With every appearance of discord, we lift our thought immediately in meditation:
I find my oneness in Consciousness which is Cause, not in matter or effect. I look to Cause for my peace, my wholeness, my satisfaction, and my joy, and these become manifest in tangible form.
Every day, we make the decision to live in consciousness, to find our health and our supply in consciousness, and in Consciousness alone. After that, we drop it and let it rest, but sometime later in the day we will again remember that we are seeking our good in omnipresent consciousness. As we persist in that, we bring the day closer when the transition in consciousness takes place. Then there are no more statements or declarations: there is just the living of it.
This cannot be explained to anyone, and moreover, we have no right to try to explain it. This is an experience to be lived, but never talked about because the human mind could never understand what we mean by a transition of consciousness.