From – Spiritual Discernment: the Healing Consciousness

By Joel Goldsmith

Excerpt – Chap.8

Page 125

Human Good and Human Evil Are Both Illusory

        Human experience, sometimes called the Adamic dream, is a state of mortal illusion with sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation its products. Most persons do not realize that the harmonious and good part of that dream is just as illusory as the inharmonious. In theInfinite Way, therefore, I not only emphasize that sin, disease, and death are states of mesmeric illusion, but that physical health and material wealth are equally mesmeric illusion. Students must rise above physical harmony as much as they rise above physical discords until they reach the altitude or atmosphere of spiritual harmony. When do they reach that atmosphere? Never, as long as they believe their life is dependent on their heart, liver, lungs, or brain.

        A heart that beats at a normal rate is just as much an illusory sense as a heart that is abnormal. The diseased or abnormal heart can become normal, and the normal heart can become abnormal. The condition of a heart or for that matter the condition of any organ of the body can change, so it all must be a part of the fabric of the dream, the fabric of nothingness, the fabric of hypnotism. The mere fact that a human being can be completely well one minute and drop dead the next must be evidence that the entire fabric of human experience is illusory.

        Good health is just as much an illusion as is poor health. Wealth is just as much an illusion as is poverty if wealth is dependent upon the number of dollars a person possesses. Dollars can disappear. You not only can lose them in investments or in property, but the government can change radically or go out of existence, as governments have done before, and your money is wiped out.

        If you think of your money as wealth, you may wake up someday and be disillusioned. If you think by having a doctor tell you, you are in perfect health that you have demonstrated spiritual wholeness, you may be in for disillusionment. Health does change to sickness; wealth does change to poverty; and virtue does change to vice. Anyone whose faith is in his heart, liver, lungs or body, anyone whose faith is in the amount of his bank account, or anyone who relies solely on the fact that a person is good, is living in a state of delusion.