1963-64 Christmas – New Year’s Message
From – Tape 536 Side 2
Consciousness unfolding as the Harmony of the New Year

The Infinite Way
by Joel Goldsmith
Divine Grace assures that you have meat that the world knows not of. Divine Grace assures you your bread. You need take no thought for your life; what you shall eat or what you shall drink or wherewithal you shall be clothed, because God has planted in you His Son, Christ, Divine Grace. And you can walk up and down this earth; if necessary, you can walk up and down in poverty for a while, or in sin or in disease. But bear in mind always, while you’re in this sin or disease or poverty, that nevertheless there is this Son of God, this Divine Grace within me, and one day It will break loose.

This revelation was given to me in the midst of lack and limitation of a very severe nature. And it didn’t bring a million dollars the next day, it just brought Peace. And the ability to keep going forward in the security, until gradually the crust of the human demonstration was broken and the supply began to unfold. In the same way, many people have had this revelation while in disease and then wondered that it didn’t all disappear the next day.

Abide in this Word. Abide in It, live in It. You have meat that the world knows not of. This is the Christ message: You have meat, wine and water and resurrection. You have within you a Presence that was planted there by God that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. And if you live in this awareness morning to night and night to morning, the crust of the human demonstration will break, and the spiritual demonstration will come through.