The Silence (2/5)

The Infinite Way Letters

August 1954

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 2 of 5

The Silence


          There is but one Soul of the universe, one divine spiritual Mind, and it spoke through Buddha, through Lao Tzu, through Jesus, John, and many other inspired revelators throughout all ages, and which speaks now through every individual who has attained even a measure of the Spirit.

          When we have attained even a grain of that Mind which was in Christ Jesus, when we have attained even a small degree of divine consciousness, we have attained the Presence of God, and Itwill manifest Itself in whatever the need may be.

          Then if we were called upon for healing, for supply, or for harmony, we would pray only that the mind of God function as our mind, and we would listen, and soon would come the realization that It would do the healing or whatever was necessary to be done.Never would we be guilty of praying to God for healing or employment or protection for ourselves and our loved ones. All we would ever do is pray that the Father within be consciously with us, and that we be consciously aware of His Presence, and that the All-knowing Mind function in whatever capacity is necessary at the moment.

          This realization of God as our mind will draw unto us everything necessary for our unfoldment. This is the Truth that heals and supplies, that brings our latent talents and capacities to light, that gives us ideas for books, music, art, selling. The Father is the All-knowing Mind, and it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom, and it is never necessary to ask for it. The Master tells us exactly how to pray when He says, “Take no thought for your life.” He makes it very clear that we must not pray for things, but that we must pray for the realization of the kingdom of God. The prayer of petition is futile, because that is praying amiss.

          As we follow the Master and others who have really known the secret of successful prayer, and as we enter into that silence which one of our students terms a state of “dynamic serenity” where we are waiting and listening for the inner revelation and unfoldment, we come to a place of transition within, where we realize, “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth in me.” Then it is that prayer rises to its ultimate, and we lose the sense of personal life, of hopes and desires and ambitions, to find that Christ is performing everything necessary for our unfoldment. In this silence we are become a witness and a beholder of the glory of God.



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