1959 New York Closed Class
Tape 289, Side 1
The Infinite Way Principles of God –
The Fabric of Being –
Impersonalization & Nothingization
By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 5

But, let’s get away from this psychological approach, from this attempt to make good humans out of bad humans, purses out of sow’s ears – it won’t work. Impersonalize! Start where you are and cease rendering judgment against anybody, or judging, condemning, criticizing, or trying to improve. Be assured that if those methods would work, Dr. Menninger wouldn’t have said a few years ago, “They haven’t yet healed anyone of anything.” And this board of psychiatrists here last month wouldn’t have had to say, “We have never yet seen anyone healed of anything through psychiatry.” They wouldn’t have to say those things if these methods worked because they’re using these methods of digging into your mind, and digging into your past, digging into your ancestry, and finding what? Nothing! Nothing, but what they put there.
Understand this: God constitutes your being. And the degree in which you are not manifesting this, or I – it’s all the same – represents only that degree in which we are still personalizing; that degree in which we have not yet succeeded in impersonalizing.
The basis of all of my work – with the exception of the first two years when I did not know what was doing the healing work – but since nineteen-thirty-two the basis of all my work has been impersonalizing first – never looking to a patient or a student to find error; and even if I saw it standing right out at me like a sore thumb, turning my eyes away from it and denying it. Denying it how? Denying it as being personal, as being a quality or activity or trait of my patient – it isn’t. It can’t be.
Now, whence then these troubles that afflict you and me and mankind, where do they come from? The first Mystic who discovered the secret of impersonal evil called it devil, Satan. And when it was named devil or Satan, it did not mean an opponent of God; it did not mean that which fought God, or opposed God. It had no such meaning at all. It meant something more in the nature of “tempter” – not a power, not a person, but more in the nature of a tempter, an offering of temptation.
You witness that in the experience of the Master being tempted three times in the wilderness by the devil, Satan himself. And when the devil is refused three times that’s the end of devil, that’s the end of his power – he’s finished!
Now, in what way I have no idea, devil or Satan became the opposite of God; it became an opponent of God; it became an enemy of God – something that God had to fight, and be assured of this – and I say it only through revelation – God has nothing to fight at any time, and no one to fight, and nothing to overcome. God is and God is Omnipotence; beside God there is none else. God has no battles; God has no enemies; God has no opponents; and the devil can walk up and down the world all it wants, and if everybody says, “No,” that’ll be the end of the devil without God’s help. You don’t need God to fight the devil – you only need the word “No.” Get thee behind me. And, the biggest temptation the devil will ever offer you is believing that somebody is good and somebody is evil – whereas nobody is good and nobody is evil. Why callest thou me good, only God is good, and that is the pattern for all time.
You can never truthfully say that you are spiritual. That is egotism at its height. You are spiritual; you are perfect. I’d like to see it. You are not spiritual and you are not perfect. God is Spirit, and nobody is evil. Evil is an impersonality; evil is impersonal error.
Now, Paul, who wrecked his career on just one statement, just one statement was enough to wreck his whole career: “The carnal mind is enmity against God.” That’ll do it for you; that’ll do it for you; and even if you want to get modern and call it mortal mind, it’ll do it for you. Watch what happens if you start to fight mortal mind, or protect yourself from it; that’s a good one too. Protect yourself from mortal mind, while, of course, saying, “God is the only mind, God is the only truth, God is the only life” – and now let’s do some protective work from mortal mind.
I have witnessed metaphysicians fighting the carnal mind and mortal mind and I’m sure . . . I haven’t been in the orthodox world, but I’m sure there are plenty there fighting the devil. It’ll get you, too, because you can’t win. You have set up your own enemy, built it in your own mind and authorized it to stay there until something other than you gets rid of it. You put it there; you built it; you called it carnal mind or mortal mind and then gave it evil propensities. Had you accepted God as Omnipotence, you would have said, “Why certainly there can be a devil, there can be a carnal mind; there can be a mortal mind, but what of it? It must be that arm of flesh the Hebrew prophet was talking about that we don’t have to war against – just rest in this word.” You rest in this word that the carnal mind is not enmity against God. It’s the arm of flesh or nothingness. That mortal mind isn’t to be protected from; mortal mind is to be understood as an impersonal source of evil – impersonal without a person. Meaning without you and me. We’re the person it’s without when we impersonalize it. And then watch the difference when you have been able to obey the Master, “Resist not evil.”
Oh, I know you have heard it said of old, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” fight back, fight back, and if they sue you, sue them twice, and quadruple damages. But I say unto you, resist not evil. Why? Devil, carnal mind, mortal mind – they have only the power you give them. To begin with, they have the power that universal belief gives them – that’s why you suffer from it without even knowing that it exists. But, once you awaken, once you are told that devil, Satan, mortal mind, carnal mind is not power, but is a suggestion offering itself to you for acceptance, you can just as well say “No” and then forget it.
Now, so as not to leave you in the dark on this subject and carry it to its ultimate conclusion, I will tell you that devil, carnal mind, mortal mind have no existence. In all of this world it would be impossible to find a carnal mind or a mortal mind, or a devil. Then what is this devil, carnal mind, mortal mind, we’re talking about? It is a belief in two powers; it is the very thing that hit Adam and Eve – a belief in two powers. When you have a belief in two powers, you have a mortal mind, or a carnal mind, that will tear you to pieces. And in proportion, as you understand God never made a power to destroy God, or God’s creation, and God is the only creative principle of this universe for God is Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence . . .

End Part 4