1959 San Diego Special Class
Tape 271 Side 2

Specific Principles – continued

By Joel S. Goldsmith
Part 1 of 5

We’ll take these questions and . . .

Q.    What is this pulsating or rhythm when I become still? 

I have answered that. It is either a mentality that has not become quieted, or else it is the Presence.  And if it is annoying, the safest thing to do is stop meditating.  Try it again some other day or some other week, and if it still persists, stop it because when it is of the spirit, you will know it and be pleased with it.  So all that I know is to say stop meditating.

Q.    Now, Monday night you said since I am not me but the Father and I are one, will you please give us a meditation on the subject, explaining how to handle a bodily condition that has not been met?

Well, that we did for an hour this morning.  That’s exactly what we did, and so as not to take another hour on it, go back to that lesson of this morning, study it on the tape, and if the tape isn’t available to you, let me know, and we’ll see how we can make it available.  The treatment that you had in this morning’s work is the treatment for bodily conditions or mental or physical or moral or financial, even though the treatment will vary itself since you cannot use any set of words as a formula.  They can only be an example.

 Q.    Please explain continuation of individuality after ascension.

 There is no way to explain it.  Those who meditate eventually will realize that I am I, and then they will know that I am I, eternally and immortally.  Whether or not they remember past experiences is of absolutely no importance.  You, at this particular minute, probably do not know any of your past experiences, and may never even have thought that you had them. On the other hand, there are those who, through spiritual development, are made aware of their past experience – and yet, not necessarily of all of the experiences of the past, but probably the experience of one particular lifetime, or two or three or four, as the occasion may require.  Now, as a person develops spiritually, and a spiritual work is given them to do, they are provided with everything necessary for their experience, and if it is necessary for them to know something of their past experience, or the why and wherefore of their present experience, it is revealed to them.

        Now, when The Infinite Way was given to me, I was told in no unmistakable terms that I would not have to seek students, that they would be sent to me; that I would never have to take thought for supply for everything would be made available as it was needed; that I would have to take no thought for The Infinite Way activity at all, that at every step it would be fulfilled.  It has been that way.  This is the twelfth or thirteenth year of its activity, and there have been no memberships, no dues, no contributors.  There have been no appeals to the students for funds at any time for any reason, nor has there ever been a lack, regardless of what demands were made. No matter what expenses were involved, the supply was always present before it was needed.

        Publishers have risen to ask for these writings, so that we have publishers in California, in New York, two in London, one in Holland, one in Switzerland, one in Germany.  Articles have been translated into French and have appeared in a French magazine.  Articles have been translated into German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and Greek.  Articles have appeared in a British . . . in two – this month three – British magazines, one in Australia, one in California.  I have not had to send out articles.  They have . . . oh, and one in India – always one in India publishes Infinite Way articles.  They don’t miss, if I can provide them for them. Now the requests come to me; I have never sent out a manuscript to anyone.

        So you see that with the spiritual message, I have been provided with students, lecture audiences, without solicitation; publishers, finances, and certainly, workers. Look at the wonderful experience that has come into our Infinite Way life.  A woman educator in Illinois of the very top, top rank – one who has been an editor of an encyclopedia and an editor of fine works, and who has been offered high, high positions in the educational work – voluntarily resigned to devote her life to The Infinite Way, without knowing where income would come from or how she would be provided for.  And do you know that that lady today has edited all of our writings for publication, edited them so that the finest publishers are happy to have them, as well as having conducted our Chicago work so beautifully through all of these years?  That’s how this has happened.

        That is how our Letter Department came into being, our Tape Department.  I certainly couldn’t do them.  I can do the Letters, and I can do these tapes, but that is where I must stop.  And it was at that period that Emma came into the scene, and it was through her that the Letter Department and the Tape Department were built. So it has been, when everything or anything came up in the way of a need for The Infinite Way, the thing needed, or the person needed, or the ability needed was provided.  So I’ve never had to take thought; I’ve merely had to follow out that which was given me to do.  So it has been, every spiritual principle necessary for me to teach has been given to me.

        In all of my years up until The Infinite Way, the Bible was nothing more to me than a book.  I did the Daily Lesson regularly.  I heard it, I read it, I studied it, but very frankly, the Bible part meant less than nothing to me, except sometimes beautiful passages.  Two passages in the Bible were given to me as my bread and meat and wine and water.  These were: “Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of?”  And this gave me the first secret of healing, that you don’t try to heal human beings; that you don’t try to improve them.

 End Part 1