The Thunder of Silence (5/5)

1952 Honolulu Class Series One
Tape 12 Side 2
Joel S. Goldsmith
Part 5 of 5
In the fourth dimension, divine consciousness, all healing is by Grace—not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord. Do you know what “spirit” is? Not any more than you know what grace is. You will only understand the word “spirit” and the word “soul,” the word “grace” through Silence.
Yes, you will find analogies and descriptions of the word “mind” and “principle” and “law,” never of soul or spirit, or grace. The human mind cannot comprehend them and I would ask you, please, do not try. Relax. Rest.
Let the thunder of Silence reveal Itself within you, and It will reveal to you the nature of grace, and you will know how to stand in the presence of the valley of the shadow of death, and not try to think some thought to save a life. You will be able to stand inside the lion’s cage and not try to think some thought to shut the lion’s mouth.
You will learn to let the Silence reveal the power in the presence of Grace, and this is living in the fourth dimension. This is life eternal to know the power of theSilenceto know the power of living without taking thought, for what you should eat, or what you should drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed.
This is the fourth dimension—living in the realization of divine Grace and able to meet every need, every situation, and only the thunder of Silence can bring to your awareness: the revelation of soul, spirit, grace.
As you understand now that the Christ has taken over, and that you have become the vehicle or instrument for Its activities and operation, that this activity operates through you, through grace, not through personal effort, not through taking thought, you will be lifted in the healing work, out of the atmosphere of metaphysical healings into the realm of spiritual healings, in which you do not do the healing at all.
And therefore you will have no affirmations to make, no statement of truth to make, no denial to make, but when presented with any case, with any appearance of discord or inharmony, injustice, lack, or limitation you will immediately becomesilent.
You will let the thunder of that Silence be the activity, the healing activity unto any and every situation. You will begin then to understand the meaning of that word ”I”—the I that has come to fulfill; the I that has come to make the crooked places straight; the I that will never leave you nor forsake you.
And you will know that you do not control It. It controls you. It governs every situation that is brought to you for solution, and you become as the great Master became, the instrument through which the Father could work.
You will take your periods of forty days of meditation, of listening for that still, small voice, that still, small voice that has thundered down the years, proclaiming a power above human power, proclaiming a realm above the physical realm, proclaiming life eternal and immortal, and to know this truth is life eternal.
To be able to relax, to listen, to hear the thunder of the still, small voice that life is eternal, and that is life eternal. That is living by grace. That is the fourth dimension.
You have scripture, and you have my writings for inspiration and for the correct letter of truth, and you have me, and the personal contact with me to lift you into the higher atmosphere or consciousness of truth.
The writings will go on and serve as the correct letter of truth for others and as inspiration for many, and you in your turn will serve to lift up other students into this higher consciousness of truth, into this fourth dimension of life.
Thereby, you will impart to others the ability to live and move and have their being as that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, so that they in turn will lift others unto them.
It is in this wise that the Spirit of truth will encircle the globe, and at the right moment will lift this universe out of its seeming physical expression into its eternal, spiritual form. This will not be done by might, nor by power, but by the silence of the word, by the word heard in silence, by the very thunder of that Silence.
My love to all of you. Joel
End Part 5

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