The Miracle

From Beyond Words & Thoughts
By Joel Goldsmith
Chapter 3

The Miracle

This Presence, and not your mind or mine, is the healing agency. When anyone asks me for help, can you understand that the first thing that takes place in me is that my mind stops functioning, and I stop thinking? I think no thoughts of truth. I listen, and that lets the presence and power of God through to the patient; whereas the moment I try to think a thought, even of truth, then I am trying to make thought a power, I am trying to make a statement of truth a power. No statement of truth is God-power; no thought of truth is God-power: only God is God-power.
So if you want God, be still; be still and let God function. Otherwise, you are letting your ego in, and what is worse, you are making graven images because whether you take a sentence and put it together and call it God-power or whether you take a wooden image and build it and make it God-power, what difference does it make? They are all graven images made by man.
The only thing that is not made by man is what functions through man in silence. That he has nothing to do with. So when I am asked for help, immediately, no matter what I am doing, thought stops, and then whatever comes through, it is the presence and power of God that does the work. Sometimes I know what it is; sometimes it comes through in a message; but ninety-nine times out of a hundred I never know.
Many times students write to me and say, “Oh, this came to me, but I suppose you knew it in advance.” No, I did not know it; I was not thinking of them; and I was not thinking of what message God was going to have for them. All I did was to be absent from the body, be absent from the mind, and let the Spirit perform Its function—not try to do it for the Spirit, not try to do it with the Spirit, but let the Spirit do it Itself, so that I did not have any graven images.
Any word of God that is in your mind is a word that you have created; it is a graven image. Any thought of God that is in your mind, you have created, and it is a graven image. If you want to be absent from the body, even the body of the mind, you must be absent from the body of thought, and then whatever God is, however God functions, something takes place in a way that seems to be a miracle to human sense. But it is not a miracle that has been performed: it is the presence of God realized.
No one understands better than I do the truth of the Master’s statement, “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true”—this power is not mine: this is God’s. The more I can refrain from thought and be a receptivity, the greater presence and power comes through.

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