IW Morsel – Remove the Sense Of
Remember that the earth, with material sense removed, is heaven just as a human being with material sense removed, is a spiritual being. A mortal who attains a realization of God’s presence becomes the son of God or an immortal. You are a mortal until the spirit of God dwells in you; then do you become the sons of God.
From – Tape 801-1

By Joel Goldsmith

 From – Realization Of Oneness
By Joel Goldsmith

Excerpt-Chapter 7 / Unconditioned Infinity

Page 120
Becoming an instrument for Divine Healing

It is an impossibility for us to know more than God, and it is only possible for us to know as much as God if we have first reached that state of emptiness where we know nothing, and are then able because of that emptiness to let the wisdom of God manifest itself as our wisdom. By achieving a receptive attitude for the inflow, always maintaining a listening attitude, making of ourselves a vacuum, we wait for the new melody or new idea, the new vision, the new invention, or the new discovery to come to us.

        When we learn to let both mind and body be the instruments for infinite Wisdom, which in silence and in stillness can manifest Itself as us, It performs Its functions through us. We cannot use God, but by attaining an inner stillness, God can use us, and It can manifest through us as healings if we have been chosen to be a part of the healing ministry, as inventions if we are inventors, or as music if we are composers.

        God is infinity. All that is, is an emanation of God—whether it is to appear as engineering principles, scientific principles, literary works, art works, or whatever it may be—and we are the instruments through which and as which It is to function on earth. Our approach to life should be not one of learning how to use Truth, but how to be so receptive and responsive to the divine Impulse that Truth can use us, that Life can flow as our life, and Wisdom flow as our wisdom.

        We open ourselves that we may be used by Truth, that God may manifest Itself as our individual being, that God may live Its life as us, that God may lead, guide, direct, govern, sustain, maintain, support, and supply, and that we may be the instruments through which or as which that takes place.