Questions and answers (4/7)

1959 San Diego Special Class
Tape 269 Side 2

Questions and Answers

By Joel Goldsmith
Part 4 of 7

        Q. Last night I had a friend with me and returning home she said, “I can’t agree with everything Mr. Goldsmith said.”

        Well of course she can’t! How can she? She hasn’t lived my life; she hasn’t had my experience, so she can only judge what I said from her experience. I feel flattered when someone says, “I agree with everything in your book,” because I know that they have lived the same experience I have, have attained the same level of consciousness, and therefore they can agree with it. I hardly expect anyone else to agree with it, more especially those who have not lived this life.
        And of course, don’t you know that that is the history of all of this world? Do you think that anyone believed that we would go around the world in eighty days or eighty hours? Do you think that Jesus’ teaching was believed by most of the people in the Hebrew synagogues where he taught this? I’m sure that most of them disagreed. I don’t have to tell you, it’s been so recent, how everybody in the world disagreed with Christian Science when it was introduced, but I have lived to see and to be present in England, when the Church of England issued a report after a five-year investigation into spiritual healing and said in the report, “While we do not agree with Christian Science theology, we acknowledge that Christian Science has shown us our obligations in this age.”
        Do you know how the church fought spiritual healing in her day? If they hadn’t, there would have been no Christian Science Church, because she had no idea of founding one. She merely wanted to give spiritual healing to the churches that were already in existence. She couldn’t do it, but The Infinite Way is accomplishing that work. The Infinite Way is giving principles of spiritual healing to the churches of all denominations that will open themselves and accept it, and eventually that will be all churches. And also, to many in Religious Science, Mental Science, Unity, whose nature tends more to this spiritual way of life than to the mental. That won’t wipe out the mental. It will leave the mental for those to whom that consciousness is natural, and it will remove the others into the spiritual, where that is their work.
        Q. You hear people say, “God told me to do so and so.” When do you know that it is God speaking, not the mind of the individual?

        You know it at the very moment that question doesn’t come to your mind. As long as that question is in your mind, you cannot know whether it is God or the individual mind. When that question is no longer in your mind it is because you have the assurance that it is the word of God. There too, we had two very interesting experiences that illustrate that. One, on a morning when I was sitting at my desk in Honolulu, and I had never been to Europe to carry this message. All of my traveling in Europe was before The Infinite Way, before even my Christian Science days, when I was in the business world. And so it had been many, many years since I’d been to Europe, and all thought of returning there certainly was not a part of my mind.
        Well, on this morning sitting at my desk, the voice said, “Go to New York, give a class, wait there until the first few days of December, and then go to London.” And I’ll ask you to believe this; that I immediately wrote to New York to make arrangements for a class, and that that class ended on November thirtieth, that I arranged my Passport and ticket without a date, and sat there waiting until the third or fourth of December, and then the voice said, “Go tomorrow.” And I went.
        And when I arrived in London, I took a suite at a hotel, I went into my living room, sat down, and said, “Well Father, you said go to London, and here I am. I don’t know anybody, and I’ve got nothing to do here, but you said come, and here I am.” And I want you to know that every single step followed in natural order: instructions were explicitly given for each step, so that now our work is established in all of the British Dominions, the Commonwealths, and all of the books published and a marvelous work taking place over there.
        In the same way, I began receiving letters from South Africa, and eventually I had letters from about twelve students there. And then one day one of them said, “When you’re in England some time, why don’t you come to South Africa?” Of course it’s only ten thousand miles… I mean it’s just next door! So you know that I just smiled. But the next week, when I was down at the air office, arranging my trip for London, I heard myself saying to the salesman, “How would it be if I came home by way of South Africa?” “Oh,” he said, “You could do that easily. You just go to Cairo and down to South Africa and across to Thailand and India, and up to Hong Kong, China, and Tokyo, and you’d get home very quickly.” And how much would it
cost me? “Only fifteen-hundred dollars.” Good, give me a ticket.
        Well you know, when I went back and told Emma and some of our students, they looked at me as if I either were crazy or had some inside knowledge of something. “How can you go to South Africa just because you have twelve students there?” And I didn’t know the answer, but when I got to South Africa, I was met by eight hundred students. We had over two hundred in a closed class. Oh, two hundred in Johannesburg, and the same in Capetown, more in Durban. There were more copies of my books sold in South Africa than I’ve ever seen in any country or any city. And South Africa has been a marvelous place ever since for our work.
        That is what I mean by living by grace. That is what I mean by hearing the still, small voice. And when you hear it, don’t for a minute believe that it must be reasonable… or practical, although it will turn out in the end to be practical.

        Q. Now next: If I am HE, how is our over action of heart or deafness accounted for, or any other thing?
        That we will take up tomorrow in our treatment work.

End part 4

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