5 – Wisdoms of the Infinite Way
In the spiritual life, you place no labels on the world. You do not judge as to good or evil, sick or well, rich or poor. While appearances may show forth harmony or discord, by not judging, you merely know IS, and let that which truly IS define Itself.
From the book – The Infinite Way
Joel S. Goldsmith

From – Our Spiritual Resources
By Joel Goldsmith
Pages 149-150
The principles of spiritual healing are effective not only in the healing of disease and the regeneration of the individual – in his morals, finances and human characteristics – but they go further a field than that. They work in business and professional life and in political and governmental affairs. They work wherever they are applied seriously, sacredly, secretly and unselfishly. They will not work, however, if anything of a selfish nature is the motivating force. In other words, they will not work if we are trying to elect a specific candidate to office or if we are trying to secure a specific job for a certain person. These principles will not be effective if there is any trace of selfishness, self-profit, or anything of a personal nature because these are universal principles of good, and they operate on an impersonal basis.
The only reason a bad government exists is because of the belief of two powers – the acceptance of the carnal mind. But are there two powers? No. God constitutes individual being; God is the very nature of man; and therefore, man’s nature is godly and good, and these qualities of evil – ambition, lust, greed, stupidity, ignorance and fear – are the carnal mind. But there is no carnal mind, for there is no mind but the One. Therefore, these qualities have no channel or avenue of operation and no law to support them. They constitute the “arm of flesh” or nothingness.
And the government shall be upon his shoulder: and … of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end.” Isaiah 9:6,7