Probably never before in history have so many people been in agreement that what we are showing forth to the world is not somebody’s personal, copy-righted teaching or religion, separate and apart from the basic teachings of God, but rather, that we are showing forth the very Spirit of God Itself. The wisdom of all ages is once again coming to light in human consciousness, and for the first time literally millions are being told and taught of their individual divinity. God is your being, your Mind, your Spirit. God is the only law, the only activity. God it is that unites us, so that whatever blesses one blesses all. Whatever Spirit, Presence or Power of God is made manifest in my individual experience becomes your individual experience the moment we consciously unite in and as one. This is true of every one who can open consciousness to this realization. Let us all unite in the realization that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, and that therefore you are in me and I am in you, and we are all together in the Father, united in oneness. The light of this wisdom is entering human consciousness all over the glove, hastening the day when the Kingdom of Heaven is to come on earth.

One of the most vital points in the entire Message of The Infinite Way, and one which is repeated again and again in all of the Writings, is the nature of error. This is a point of which the Churches of the world must ultimately agree, because this is what prevents their prayers from being healing prayers. The prayers of the Church cannot heal because sickness and sin do not exist as conditions, and therefore praying to God is not the way to heal them. God cannot heal or remove that which has no existence. Negative conditions do not exist—they only operate in proportion to our acknowledgment of them, and our determination to battle them. It is only as we relax in the realization of our union in God, of God, as one with God; only as we rest in the realization that God is individual being and identity, and even the substance of the body—only then can we take the next step into the understanding that negative condition have no existence, but that they exist only as universal beliefs which individually we are accepting. If you are accepting sickness and negative conditions there is work for you to do, and that is to reject such beliefs, not by battling disease or resisting sinful or negative conditions, but by consciously realizing that neither disease nor sin has entity, substance, law, or continuity.

Most people do not realize that they give reality to the very conditions from which they desire to be free. As much as they would like to be free of erroneous thoughts and conditions, they persist in demonstrating more of the negative than of the positive. As an example, I would like you to follow me in this illustration: Let us pretend that a few of us are gathered together for an informal talk when the telephone rings and you hear: “I have just received a message that Joel is very ill.” What is your response? You see me, you hear me, and, judging by appearances, you know that it is a rumor, and you are not a bit disturbed. However, suppose I was not in the room when the call was received? No doubt you would have said, “Joel has helped us, now let us help him,” and then everyone would have tried to help—but it would have been just as much of a rumor. Even if I were ill and you had any idea that you had power to bring about a healing, you would have been unable to help me unless you were able to say, “That is only a rumor.” If you could accept, in spite of appearances, the Truth that it is only a rumor, I would have an instantaneous healing, because your stating that is was only a rumor would have been based on your spiritual recognition that I have no Life apart from God, no Mind, no Soul, no Spirit, no being, no body apart from God; and therefore, anything other than that which is true of God would be rumor, appearance, false belief.

This is exactly the way in which we give power to the sins and diseases that afflict us. When the rumor comes in the form of a pain in the body, or from someone else, we accept it as a fact about which we must do something. This, in itself, is dishonoring God, because if there is something to be done that God already has not taken care of, there is not much you can do. Whatever discords we are suffering, and whatever discords we are not meeting for those who turn to us, are due to the fact that we are accepting rumors as facts, and then trying to do something about them. Every discord comes as an appearance, a suggestion or a temptation to accept a selfhood apart from God, to accept a condition apart from God.

The entire secret of hearing lies in one word—‘reaction.” If, when a call comes for help, you react with a smile and say, “Rumor, temptation, appearance, nonsense,” beautiful healings are accomplished. But the moment you answer with concern, as if actually there were something to be overcome, removed, resisted, refuted, in that degree have you accepted battle, and once having taken up the sward you will have to fight it through to the end. It is for this reason that we often struggle with physical, mental, moral or financial conditions for long periods, because we are not handling them as rumors to be disregarded, but as conditions that must be overcome. Even though you see it with your eyes and hear it with your ears, that does not mean it is a fact. It is a picture, an appearance, a rumor. Visible or audible, it is still a world belief appearing for your acceptance or rejection. Whenever you receive a call, whether from your own body or from patient or student, the immediacy of your reaction, and the resultant ability to dismiss it as a rumor, is the degree of healing that is realized.

End Part 2

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