From – Realization of Oneness

By Joel Goldsmith

Page 197

The Nature of Spiritual Power

We are all hypnotized to some extent by the belief that there are good powers and bad powers, spiritual powers and material powers. To be dehypnotized means to come into some measure of agreement that there cannot be God and something besides God. There cannot be Spirit and something unlike or opposite to Spirit.

If you have caught the basic principles of this message, you will set aside one meditation period every day for the world, just as if this world were your patient, suffering from an incurable disease, and you were the transparency for the healing—not through one prayer, not by a single realization, but by the persistent, constant realization of your major principle, which is to recognize, as you look out at these forces that seem to be so destructive: “Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above.” Since God is Spirit, the only operating and operative power is spiritual power.

Some forty years ago, Charles P. Steinmetz said that the greatest discovery of the twentieth century would be the discovery of the nature of spiritual power. And today the nature of that spiritual power is being revealed.

It has been believed by the world that spiritual power is the power of God to do something to sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation. It has been believed that spiritual power is some kind of God-power that can be used. That is what has fooled the world. Well-meaning people have believed, and many still do, that by prayer they can being spiritual power down to the world, and thereby remove the sins and diseases of this world. Because of this belief they have missed the way.

Spiritual power is something that is functioning at this very moment in you. You never will be able to use it; you never will know how it functions or operates: you will only be able to witness its effect in your experience, and then only when you stop trying to use it; and let it use you, let it function in you.