Towards Peace 3/5

July 27, 2018 // 0 Comments

No one is ever going to establish peace by passing laws and having rules, and no one is ever going to have peace by carrying revolvers or carrying bombs in their hips. [...]

I Speaks Unto Me 2/4

February 24, 2017 // 1 Comment

There may be no church in outer space, I wouldn’t know—but God is in outer space. God is in outer space; there is no place where life is not, no place where the Spirit is not. Why? Because all that exists exists in consciousness—and that consciousness is mine, that consciousness is yours. [...]

The Unveiling of God in You (introduction)

December 9, 2015 // 1 Comment

That is the purpose of ordination! Not that I may be glorified, but that I may be better equipped to give more abundantly, to share more freely, to understand more universally: that it isn’t only the children of my flesh that are my children, but that all of the children of this world are my children, and I have an equal responsibility to share with them. [...]

Starting The Contemplative Life (1/5)

November 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

The reason it makes no difference what their religion may be is, of course, that there is only one God, there is only one Spirit. That Spirit doesn’t know the difference between a Jew or a Gentile; it doesn’t know the difference between a Protestant or a Catholic, an Oriental or an Occidental, or an American Indian. As far as the Spirit is concerned, it is entirely without any religious beliefs, convictions, ceremonies, rights, creeds, or forms of worship. It is an absolutely free and independent Spirit that permeates us just the same as the life of nature permeates a blade of grass, or it permeates an orchid, or a daisy, a violet, and it really doesn’t know the difference. And it makes no difference to it, whether it is a mongrel dog or a full-blooded dog – the same Life animates it; the same Spirit animates it. [...]