Fear Not

September 7, 2020 // 0 Comments

In the class "Fear Not" inspired by the content of this chapter we are studying on a very fundamental and basic level, so good to look at very basic questions that arise and practice meditation together at the end of the class. The questions looked at in this class are: What does fear do? When will good come to me? What is the cause of discords and inharmonies? How to recognize God as the Soul of every person? [...]

Temple Meditation 2/8

August 19, 2020 // 0 Comments

Each one of us has something to do today—each one of us. It makes no difference what it is, whether it is housework, office work, selling, mechanical work, healing work, teaching work. Each one has something to do for today. If we do that without concern for tomorrow, only do today to the highest sense of our ability, and stand still in the realization that the Christ is ever flowing into the branch, the vine is ever pouring God’s essence, substance into the branch. [...]

Establish God Realization 3/6

July 26, 2017 // 2 Comments

Forget the world, forget trying to save the world, and forget your patients, and forget your students, and forget The Infinite Way. Forget everything. Have only one goal and one ambition, and that is to make and maintain your individual relationship with God, your individual contact with God. [...]

Meditation on the Invisible 3/6

May 31, 2016 // 0 Comments

We do not know what we should pray for. Anyone who takes an idea of what they want into their prayer has not even the first concept of what prayer is all about. No one knows what to pray for. And no one can pray rightly for anything that they do know about. It's another impossibility. Why? Because God is Spirit, and the blessings and benedictions of God are Spiritual. [...]

Christ Realized Is the Harmony of Being 2/5

October 20, 2015 // 0 Comments

So it is, when individuals come to us for help: physical, mental, moral, or financial, how could we give it if we did not have the realization that God is their individual being? I don’t care, at the moment, whether they are scarlet with sin. That’s none of my business. I don’t care if they’re starving for food. That’s not my business. I don’t mean that I don’t care in the sense that I don’t give them a meal or enough to tide them over, but I mean that that is not the concern of this ministry. [...]