Other Dimensions

I am not what I have perceived myself to be. I am unlimited, Pure Spirit, and nothing is unavailable to me. Therefore, in this moment, I choose to open access to other dimensions of experience so that I might call this moment to me in a different way“. (Way of Transformation)

The classes are turned into podcasts: you will discover new dimensions of experience. Stretch your mind and become tempted to get in touch with the unknown but incredible joyous experience we call our Self.

You can listen to the PODCASTS made of the classes

Creative Meditation 4: Realization Other Dimensions of Experience

Realization. This is the fourth Online Healing Meditation in the series Creative Meditation. It is inspired by the fourth chapter of "Rising In Consciousness" by Joel S. Goldsmith.   After a introduction we practice meditation, there is a silent meditation, no music in the background.   Thank you for joining!   Read more: http://iwihub.com Music by Wim   Want to join the next meditation go to: https://iwihub.com/2020/06/04/new-onl…  to sign up.   Support iwihub: http://paypal.me/iwihubcom
  1. Creative Meditation 4: Realization
  2. Introduction to the authentic letters of Joel S. Goldsmith
  3. Creative Meditation 1: Preparing the Soil
  4. The One Alternative
  5. Algorithm of Justice
  6. Remember Giving
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