On Thursdays (noon Central Time USA) we meet in this completely new set up. The Paradox of Eternal Life


What about the paradox?

To bring this idea closer to you consider this example, but there are many more… In our awakening you discover yourself to be One with all that is. We love to recite and contemplate:

I and my Father are One

John 10 NT

Next thing is that you experience yourself as separate or bound in a violent world that you can’t seem to escape or find yourself being part of a toxic relationship that seems to put you in chains. The question that might arise in you is:

Will I ever be free of all this?

Will I ever awaken to the Truth?

Purpose of this gathering series

By diving deeper into the matter of what actually is going on in your awakening, by being honest about your experience of yourself, you have every opportunity to release, heal and enter into a deep transformation. To come in touch with the infinite nature of your Being

The nature of these meetings are transformative

When are we meeting?

We meet on Thursdays at noon Central Time USA, that is 7 PM European Central Time. (FIND YOUR TIME HERE)

Save these dates in your calendar:

  • May 11,25
  • June 1,8,15,29

Where are we meeting?

We will meet online using Zoom to connect. The link to the online Classroom is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 . If you never used Zoom software or app, make sure to download it before the class starts, this makes it easier to connect.


The events of Iwihub.com are at no charge. However, we ask you to consider a donation. The suggested donation for these meetings are $60


Paradox of Eternal Life